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Royal Tug-of-War: Queen Elizabeth’s Letter Could Nullify King Charles’ NDA, Claims Former Dresser

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LONDON, UK – In a surprising revelation that could shake the British royal family, Angela Kelly, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s former dresser, claims that the Queen gave her “express approval” to publish three books on her royal experiences.

This assertion comes in the wake of last week’s report that King Charles had offered her a residence in the north of England, following her forced departure from her Windsor home, on the condition of her signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Queen Elizabeth, Dresser
Queen Elizabeth II sits with Anna Wintour (middle) and royal dressmaker Angela Kelly (right), as they view Richard Quinn’s runway show before presenting him with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design as she visits London Fashion Week’s BFC Show Space in central London. … Royal visit to London Fashion Week … 20-02-2018 | Yui Mok/PA Archive.

Kelly has so far published two books, and the third one is now under a cloud of uncertainty.

With the NDA, King Charles may have hoped to quash the possibility of more insider royal secrets being revealed. The NDA specifically restricts Kelly from using the terms “palace” and “king.”

However, the recent emergence of the late Queen’s written approval has created a conundrum.

Insiders close to Kelly have started questioning whether the Queen’s explicit written approval could supersede the NDA.

“It’s a formidable weapon to have a letter like that from Queen Elizabeth II in her possession,” an insider revealed. “It seems the Queen is protecting her favored assistant from beyond the grave. It’s significant as it includes the Queen’s wishes, and no one would want to ignore those.”

King Charles reportedly took issue with Kelly’s previous writing, specifically the description of the Queen’s private contemplation following Prince Philip’s funeral two years ago, deeming it overly revealing. This discontent is believed to have led to the initiation of the NDA.

Since the Queen’s demise, Kelly’s treatment within the palace has reportedly changed, with her previous high status and influence seemingly diminished.

Over the past weekend, Kelly posted on her Instagram account—@agenthighheels—a pair of cryptic, now-deleted quotes. One read, “No matter how kind and generous you are, you’ll never satisfy an ungrateful person,” and the other, “Learning how to remain calm when you’re disrespected is a superpower.”

This new development has set the stage for a possible legal and public relations confrontation over the validity of the NDA in the face of the Queen’s explicit approval. How this conflict unfolds could have far-reaching implications for the royal family.

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