Say Pizza! How Online Delivery Has Changed The Food Business

Say Pizza! How Online Delivery Has Changed The Food Business

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on December 20, 2017
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‘Say cheese’ is a common phrase used for getting people to smile when posing for a picture. It is like the last minute prep before you put forward your best smile to be captured forever. After all a picture lasts forever! In my world ‘pizzzzaaaa’ brings forth the same or an even better smile, whether there is a camera to capture it or not. I confess, I come from a family of pizza lovers. Pizza maniacs might be a better word for us.

The words of magic in our household are pizza for sure, no second thoughts about it. But there is another one which gets all of us wake up even from our deepest slumbers. That word is pizza online! Much as we love our pizza, we do have our share of lazy genes to go all the way to a restaurant or a pizzeria every time we want to eat pizza. We want to eat a pizza at the drop of hat, remember, we are pizza maniacs! So food delivery is the god we believe in. The pizza delivery guy is our version of a messiah! Well, it might sound a whole lot crazy to you, but hey, this is my world.

The first pizza online order was received with much pomp in our house. It was as if a long lost relative found his way home. Everybody at home right from the little three year old who just learnt to spell pizza to the grand mom with hardly any teeth left got ready to receive the food delivery guy. The whole family even posed with him for a family pic!

pizza say
A 31-year-old woman from Chievely, Amelia Parker has a job that the specifications includes sampling ingredients, designing pizzas and testing flavours. (Photo Credit: Mercury Press)

You can imagine our joy when food delivery matured from a mere delivery service into what it is now. Nothing can ever replace the joy of actually having a sumptuous bite from a pizza brought straight out of an oven in a pizzeria. Having said that, nothing can ever replace the joy of devouring pizza online in the comfort of one’s home. It’s a win-win as long as there is a pizza in the picture.

Food aggregators, cloud kitchens, instant food offers, food carts and the likes make the food delivery and ordering food online a delightful experience. They are a source of comfort for many. Apart from pizza maniacs like us, the planet is home to a lot of other people who love to eat food from various cuisines. It is heartwarming to know that food arrives at the door of such people within few minutes of placing an order on an app. Long live food tech for that!

The thing that touches a chord in my heart is the fact that food tech has developed beyond being a business. The same technology used to reach hungry customers who pay for it is being used in many places in the world to deliver food to the needy who cannot pay. May food tech not just live long, but thrive to reach every corner and nook of the world!


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