#SoundOff: 7 Reasons Buhari’s Hate Speech Against Niger Delta People Is A...

#SoundOff: 7 Reasons Buhari’s Hate Speech Against Niger Delta People Is A Rude Awakening

By Opinions | The Trent on February 1, 2016
Muhammadu Buhari Niger Delta Nigeria Troops
Muhammadu Buhari's campaign photos showing him in Niger Delta native attire and Igbo (r) attire.

by Godfrey Igboma

“The theft of the oil market by some Nigerians that happen to live there who feel that the oil belongs to them and not the country is an irritating thing for those of us who participated in the civil war for 30 months in which at least two million Nigerians were killed.” – Muhammadu Buhari in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 30, 2016

The quote above is totally insensitive and a sad commentary coming from the Nigeria’s President and, I will archive this quote for future reference. Here are 7 disturbing issues which this quote throws up.

1) The President just reminded the agitators for Biafra that at least, 2 million of their kits and kin (mainly Igbos) were killed by him and his colleagues within just 30 months.

2) The President just confirmed that the massacre of more than 2 million people was just for the sake of oil in the then Eastern Region.

3) The President just confirmed that “One Nigeria” is just about oil and nothing, really, aside oil, binds us together.

4) This shows that the Alhaji who asserted, with all confidence and certainty in a recorded video, that “the oil in Bayelsa belongs to Jigawa” spoke from “deep knowledge.”

5) The President just confirmed that to get “what they fought for,” the people, in whose ancestral lands this oil is deposited, are just squatters and, can always be given the “Odi treatment.”

6) What of the theft of gold, diamond, and other precious stones and solid minerals in the North of this country? Has Nigerian Army shot a single bullet on account of this other theft which is still on-going

This is really sad, though, eye opening. This reckless comment by Buhari should be a rude awakening to the dreamers within us.

One Nigeria?

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