I Am Irritated That People Of Niger Delta Feel Region’s Oil Belongs...

I Am Irritated That People Of Niger Delta Feel Region’s Oil Belongs To Them – Buhari Reveals

By Doyin Ajayi | Sub-Editor on February 1, 2016
Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari attends the second day of the summit of G7 nations at Schloss Elmau on June 8, 2015 near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

President Muhammadu Buhari revealed his “irritation” with the agitations of the people of the Niger Delta for fairness in the distribution of the nation’s oil wealth.

Buhari made this slip at a town hall meeting with Nigerians living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

While speaking on the topic of the economic challenge the country is facing over drop in crude oil prices, the President delved into the topic of oil theft in the Niger Delta. He expressed anger at claims the people of the region make concerning the natural resources in their land and linked his irritation to having fought in the Nigerian Civil war in which over three million people, mostly Igbos and minority tribes of the South South were killed.

“The theft of the oil market by some Nigerians that happen to live there who feel that the oil belongs to them and not the country is an irritating thing for those of us who participated in the civil war for 30 months in which at least two million Nigerians were killed,” Buhari said.

He regretted that the international oil market had collapsed, resulting in poor income for the country.

There have been renewed restiveness in the Niger Delta region over the perceived anti-South South stance of the Buhari government. Militants blew up strategic oil pipelines in Delta and Bayelsa States.

An associate of Buhari and APC strategist, Colonel Hassan Stanislous-Labo (Rtd) has publicly called for an Odi-style genocide in the region if the communities fail to produce the perpetrators of the pipeline explosions. This call came, even as Buhari’s government said it would hold the leaders of the region responsible for the action of the militants against the country’s oil installations.

Following the announcement of the cancellation of the Maritime University project by the Buhari government, Ijaw leaders and groups have continued to agitate against the decision which is seen as a manifestation of Buhari’s “hatred” for the region.

A former Niger Delta warlord, Government Ekpemupolo popularly known as Tompolo faces legal problems over a corruption case filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission against him. He maintains his innocence and expressed distrust in the legal system to grant him justice as he disregarded court orders for him to appear before the court.

Tompolo says he is being persecuted by the Buhari government because he refused to support the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Buhari’s anti-corruption efforts is widely perceived by people of the Niger Delta as a witch-hunt because it only targets officials who served under former President Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan is from the oil-rich state of Bayelsa and is the only president of Nigeria that hail from the South South region.

The Niger Delta accounts for over 80% of Nigeria’s income base for the past 55 years.


  1. If it is Irritating to hear somebody lay claim to what is found in his place…why is it common for Hausas to always tell non indigene residing in the desert land “gari mu” meaning my town? Let Buhari blame God for putting the oil in Niger Delta or dig oil in Katsina if ND would ever lay claim to what is found in Daura.

  2. A wise man once said that Northerners are parasites in Nigeria. It’s so true. They contribute absolutely nothing to Nigeria, yet they get allocations but still remain the poorest and most uneducated dumb asses on the planet.

    Theye dumb down everything

      • O yes. Thanks for the correction.

        Northerners contribute terrorism and blood shed to Nigeria. Surely we can break up this joke called Nigeria and let Northerners use their spit to sponsor terrorism

    • it seems people of the south south and south east up till now are ignorant of Nigeria’s history, they speak base on hate rate no facts nor proofs. If you are to blame anybody on the death of Nigerians during Biafra then blame Ojuku and his clique, they where the ones who killed Northern and south western leaders in coup attempt, had they not done so the war could not have taken place. so blame your fore fathers for your blood. And mind you Okuju and his clique where not fighting for igbo rights, they fought for their GREED for the oil of the Niger Delta which does not even belong to the Igbos. Moreover you people are making allote of noise regarding the great northern leaders, to ask, what did your own people do to you when the country was in their hands e. g. Jonathan good luck. I asure u with no doubt that the northern leaders did 100% better than him. all your federal government roads where done by northerners and so many other things but because you people didn’t go to school you are abusing us. one of you up there made mention that we are tribalistic because we say “our land”. To ask how many northerners do we have in the south south or south east that own big businesses and have big houses and cars. But then how many billoniars do we have in the north who are from the south south and south east who own big buisinesses and have houses and cars with the money they earned here in the north. with all this you people are blind of the truth. you talk with out reasoning. Please know that the northern leaders are more of a blessing to you than your forefathers.

      • Please get ur facts right before u comment, I have lived in the north and all I did was to ask God to have mercy on them because they live below abject poverty.

      • Ojukwu was attacked, biafra was attacked. Don’t make it look like Ojukwu plunged this country into war, fairnes required that other regions should have their shot at power, it’s not only northerners that can rule us, it’s a democracy. Nigeria is a maraige were northern decide what happens but the southerners provide the resources for all the development, this is not balanced, this is not fair

      • With all the history u claim to be, it’s better u people should stay alone and allow the biafrans to go their own way. A fool will call biafrans fools. Fuck all this parasite in nigeria

  3. The last time I checked, neither Daura, Sokoto, Kotangora, Maiduguri, Kano and Minna are in the Niger Delta region. Yes, the oil belongs to the natives of the region where it’s found. We all know that if the oil was derived from the Jihadist North, Nigeria, as we know it, would have long ceased to exist.

  4. Buhari seem to have cow brain. Could it be too much nono?
    Does being an illiterate also mean he is stupid? God, please save Nigeria from this imbecile.

  5. Buhari seem to have cow brain. Does it mean that being an illiterate he is also stupid?
    God please save Nigeria from this imbecile.

  6. I don’t just get it.If we are practising real federalism I don’t think he will be saying this. EVEN AT THAT why must he be irritated .He is not irritated by the bombings in the north.I hate when people don’t reason before they make comments.
    Your kind man the former president knew the importance of the Niger delta region the reason he granted amnesty to the militants for peace to reign.Now dump heads in your got will come out to say let’s use the odi kind of massacre to quench the restive militants. Try it then you will find your self in the icc court . irrational human beings who are self centered

  7. This bokoharam war is hard and tough cos you don’t know who’s who. For wasting innocent life and properties of christians,buhari has not held or killed any emir to provide those bokoharam boys because they’r his fellow muslims, but has killed and held some chiefs in eastern region for them to provide the militants just for breaking ordinary pipe which can be replaced just because thet’r christians what an intimidation.

  8. Buhari should know by now that Christian biafra has decided to be on their own, since 1985 muslims regd nigeria under OIC as an islamic con3, a total neglect of xtian biafrans. So take your zoonig and leave biafrans alone.

  9. I hate to say this but this was what Ojukwu foresaw, but the majority of our Ijaw,Efik, Ibibio (and others), brothers and sisters were busy swinging with the rest of the nation. Nigeria did a very good job breeding fears of Igbo domination into a great deal of people back in those days and still carrying on. Now look how they bite the fingers that feed them. Our SS brothers have to decide on what isle they choose to stand on. When you do a DNA analysis on all of the Easterners (what basically constitutes Bight of Biafra), one would discover that these ethnicities share genetic links that are quite compelling and yet we are too moronic to build on shared ethos.

  10. Buhari is both dummy, imbecile and first class idiot. Nigeria is slipping to its final stage of existence. Buhari desperation to rule nigeria is because of OIL and oil money to try to enrich the north. This half backed president should tell us one single product his home state is contributing to the coffers of the FGN. I had said before that Buhari will end the way he ended in 1985 because he is bitting more than what he can chew and swallow. Buhari is unfortunate not to differentiate between 1967 to 1970 war and now. Never will Odi massacre happen again. We in the ND will go to war. We dare him to bring that madness again and he will experience 1985 incidence.

  11. If the president was not misquoted, it means his regime may not achieve the progressive change required for national development the masses that voted for them expected.May GOD help Nigeria in Jesus name.

  12. make a step of war mr Zoo den u wil no what Biafra can du dis time no world wil come 2ur resc… If thy tar it den u wil see anodr world war, biafras is al ovr the world

  13. Most people do not realise the deeper meaning of this statement,linking it to the civil war.What he meant is that having risked his life in a civil war to save the niger deltans from igbo domination,he is irritated when they do not appreciate the sacrifice they made for the niger deltans.OBJ said it openly when he told the niger deltans,on his visit to Beyelsa,that without his effort in the war,the igbos would have taken the oil,so they should stop agitating for resource control,rather resource management


  15. Even if the military are claiming to have saved ND during the Civil War does that makes the oil yours….?buhari is practically killing our youths by recruiting large portion of them to join nigeria forces to fight boko and get killed so they can activate the northern agenda when we are very very little in numbers…ND be wise and be prepared…buhari come wipe is the way that monkey and ugly obj wiped odi…we are waiting!which emir has been held responsible over the bloodshed in North.. God punish you buhari!

  16. All comments on this page spoke the truth and the mind of millions of southern nigerians. Since the advent of oil and nigeria knowing the economic value, north has never allowed the country to exist. Thanks for their ability to win the civil war. The middlebelt and the southsouth regions that majorly played the greatest and biggest roles are today licking their wounds from the same ethnic and religious group they assisted to prosecute the war.Can Buhari or nothern elders mention one thing they are contributing to this nation economically. Of huge amount invested in agricuture in the north by the federal government, the yearly returns are less than 50%. The north introduced, quota system, disadvantaged state, landmass, federal character, manipulated census figures, located almost all federal structures and institutions in the north, gave their people accelerated but undeserved promotions, cornered by force the resources of nigeria and now they want to islamise the country.Buhari thank for the threat to ND

  17. burhari is God send to diliva Nig frm ur gridy leaders . let join hands together to acheive dis and stop criticising

  18. an ethnocentric president! hw dare u speak against the southerners when most of ur northerners are the most corrupt leaders ever rule in nigeria. from

    your veryself down to Dasuki, Abacha, Bagida etc most of the people rueing and milking this country are from your region.

  19. Ethnocentri president! yes the

    oil belong to niger deltans. the leaders milking and rueing this country are from the north ranging from ur veryselv down to Dasuki, Abacha Babagida etc

  20. President Buhari is irritating, did he fight the civil war as a result of oil in the Niger Delta, iam suprise such statement is coming from him. when Northan Nigeria was producing groundnut and there was no oil what was the sharing formula, he must know or should know by now that this is democracy and not millitary regime

  21. Just as he feels that that Nigeria belongs to the Fulani
    that he put all Foolanies in all key positions in the
    government and all forces.

  22. All these comments against Northerner leading Nigeria reveal nothing but GREED and ignorance. This Nigeria existed before oil was discovered and it may continue to exist after the oil. In the even it may not exist none of its components of today will be removed from their present position. What will be new will be artificial boundaries that will be manned by the different ethnic groups. At the final end there will be negotiations four businesses and good neighborliness: It is what happened between Eritrea and Ethiopia, or between Sudan and Southern Soudan. On the contrary, Fratricidal war will ensure and the winner that that time will be manufacturing arm industries from other continents. Minding one language against abuses is the best for people other North and the South. The world as of now knows only one country, that is Nigeria with a president Muhammadu Buhari. Biafra is not yet born. Only a foolish someone can nurture what is not in existence.

  23. Buhari remembered the civil war, where he and some South West his people fulani deceived into fighting their brothers wasted lives of over 3 million people for no just cause ;other than the fact that Ojukwu requested for equity, equality through confederational system to be enshrined.

    Over 46 years after the civil war, has Nigeria moved forward with your duara brains and almajiri syndrome? Absolutely no, you people rather unleashed more evil on the niger delta that you deceived too ;and attacked the igbos through their borders. Today, the result is eminent ;no one wants to listen to your mumbo-jumbo stories anymore. I pity you people I’d you want to go to war with the biafran again ;because this time, there will not be anymore alliance from YORUBA’S and British to help you :leat I forget, the middle belt will start their revenge from your place before your people even think of facing the biafran. DONALD TRUMP of America, RUSSIA, CHINA and even your brothers from IRAN where the matiers religious group are found still have their pound of flesh to cut too.

  24. My people my people, I have so much on my bowels concerning this matter but I will just say a few, usually, I do not leave comments on issues anyhow, but allow me to address this matter to the barest.
    This thing called “Nigeria” is a historical scam, designed by the British, and aided by the northerners.
    The British tried to exploit our oil, not being given the chance, they went behind and stood by the northerners, and brought up an idea called “Amalgamation”, they tied us up together with common barbaric herdsmen and formed what we call Nigeria, and brought everything we had to the the barbarians and left us bare.
    Jonathan, blinded by selfishness did not realise what God had put in his hands and so he chickened out and left the presidency after accumulating excess treasures enough to last his third and fourth generations.
    This folly will continue for another very long term, and as far as there is Nigeria, there will always be northern presidents, and as far as that, we will only be grumbling without voice.
    And until then, Buhari is right.
    I will say no more for now.

  25. Whoever owns buhari should advice him properly to have a rethink before he triggers war in the Niger Delta region alongside boko haram and fulani herdsmen wars in the country that he has not been able to handle….. Democracy projects dialogue not military command, and here is the era of democracy. …..

  26. Buhari you proclaimed death upon yourself but you will not die, you will live to see biafra come, then you will commit suicide .

  27. Buhari you proclaimed death upon yourself but you will not die, you will live to see biafra come, then you will commit suicide.

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