#SoundOff: Can Anyone Really Destroy Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

#SoundOff: Can Anyone Really Destroy Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

By Opinions | The Trent on November 30, 2015
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President Goodluck Jonathan | Thierry Charlier/AFP/Getty Images

by Portia Emilia Anthony

It is so high you can’t go over it, too wide you can’t go around it, too deep that it would sink you out of life. You want try?

I was told a story by an Igala man, I don’t know how far this is true but well, I have learned not to probe certain things I have seen enough to believe some things.

Inanimate objects like the rocks do speak that I believe, spinach can shout if you pluck them too much yes, it happened in Great Yarmouth in UK I heard.

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There is a leaf that sleeps when it sees humans approaching.

I watched unsolved mysteries a lot so don’t blame me.

Okay, the main story, in front of Zuma Rock there is a dilapidated hotel when next you drive past there from Lokoja on your way to Nasarawa or going to Kaduna check that hotel, you see when I tell you I have gone round Nigeria don’t argue with me.

I learned according to Alhaji that once that hotel was built to completion and the few guests that moved in complained that they were being pressed, beaten up and buried under the rock in their dreams and a few people actually died. Hallucination me think!

This went scenario went on for nine months every week two or three people must die being pressed and suffocated in their sleep by the rock.

They brought an exorcist that did certain things and confirmed that the Rock was not happy about the hotel and that it was not taken permission from before they built it. Hmmm!

The actual story is that the ROCK hates anything standing in front of it and wanting to take the shine off it.

But can anything on this earth outclass that rock? This rock that towers above all so why should the rock be jealous of a mere boutique hotel that actually attracts more people to her or him?

If that rock has any sense at all should it not know that it is it being there at that strategic position in the first place that is the main reason for building that hotel opposite it that it would attract more people hence, making it shine the more? Well, rocks don’t understand sightseeing and tourists attractions I believe…..Please, is there petrologist in the house? Come and explain this me noh know.

You can’t outclass the “ZUMA ROCK” It is an Iroko that no one can pull down rather as quiet as it is and yet so imposing, it is it that would destroy all on its way without moving an inch.

Hear me now, you can’t destroy Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

You simpletons, take note, try as much as you may the man is the “ZUMA ROCK.” You did not succeed in killing him when he was at the enclave of Aso Rock, stupid fellows think you can’t do him a thing.

Be careful for you may be destroyed.

I have talked my own.

Portia Emilia Anthony is a lawyer (not an oil marketer). She is a public affairs analyst. Connect with her on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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