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#SoundOff: Why The APC Hates Goodluck Jonathan So Much

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by Chris Ikeotuonye

For a while I had been trying to understand the deep hatred coming from some people against a man like Goodluck Jonathan.

A man whose soft spoken nature, kind disposition, high tolerance level for opposition has endeared him to many. Instead of blood to be shed he have up such powerful post as office of the president and conceded to a ‘Jegaed’ defeat just because he did not want people to lose their lives on account of his ambition.

Some people who lack information will say he had no alternative. Let me state it here that no organisation from African Union to European Union to United Nation can arrest a Nigerian president when they have not been able to get Sudan leader Bashir.

Jonathan had at his disposal the power to have brought the world to a state of deep chaos unlike General Buhari whose own happened only in the North. But he gave it all up that Nigeria may live.

That is why God chose him and not me. Everything about this man announced humility. Did he make mistakes? Of course he did. Five years in office no politically motivated arrest or imprisonment. No Facebook hack, no blogger arrested. Freedom.

So my thought was why such dimension of hatred for a man who did all this? I thought it was because he did not rule well until it dawned on me:

They hate him because of the exceptional grace of God in his life.

From nothing and no shoe to attaining the most exalted position in Nigeria. They do not see why he should have that privilege and not them.

Obasanjo was the one enjoying that top status having been president before but Jonathan knocked him of the pedestal and he can’t take it.

If there is a meeting of heads of state today he is the only one that will be able to walk straight or jog round a field twice and they can’t take it. He is also the only Southern minority. I believe this is the root cause of this hatred.

That is quite the haters swallow hook line and sinker every lie told against him by the opposition in power (APC).

I leave you haters with the ever relevant words from Bob Marley: WHO JAH BLESS, NO ONE CURSE…

Chris Murphy Ikeotuonye holds a bachelors degree in Political Science. He is a preacher, prophet and a non-partisan social and political affairs commentator. He is the son of A Nigerian 1st and 2nd Republic politician Hon. V. C Ikeotuonye. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this this piece are solely those of the author.

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