#SoundOff: Dear Buhari, Stop This Cluelessness And Get To Work

#SoundOff: Dear Buhari, Stop This Cluelessness And Get To Work

By Opinions | The Trent on November 25, 2015
President Muhammadu Buhari pictured on a trip to France in 2015

by Fejiro Oliver

Ever since he was elected, he has soiled the country’s name with his lousy and careless speeches. He has not granted any local interview but when he travels out, his mouth does not keep quiet.

In far away Iran, he told international press that we are so corrupt and those who stole are returning it. Why didn’t he say this personally at home but abroad? Has he run out of speeches that he has to cover it with how corrupt we are with only his party men as saints?

Spare us those crap Mr president. The most corrupt persons are currently in your government as ministers and party men. The man who destroyed the country for 8 years that you claim to fix the rot is your navigator, the baba himself and yet you claim to fight corruption.

The government preaches to journalists how to be patriotic and not report everything bad about Nigeria. What is more dangerous than continuously rubbishing your country in foreign land. As minister of Petroleum, he sits tight and we suffer while he jets round the world in our common jet. Buhari should stop this needless campaign and get to work. Anyone who returned money should be prosecuted by the law and not on the pages of papers, online media or outside the country. Diezani has come out to say the bailout fund is from the billions of dollars she left and the president has not disputed it.

Is Buhari brainless like his accusers say?

Fejiro Oliver is editor-in-chief of Secrets Reporters News. He is a journalist, media consultant, and human rights activist. He can be reached by email HERE. He tweets from @fejirooliver86.

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