#SoundOff: Dear Northerners, Criticising Buhari Is Not An Attack On The North

#SoundOff: Dear Northerners, Criticising Buhari Is Not An Attack On The North

By Opinions | The Trent on May 21, 2016

by Godsgyft St. Pius

They criticized President Goodluck Jonathan,  lied against him, used raw and primitive brutality to make his government ungovernable.

They openly came out,  eyeballs-to-eyeballs,  told everyone that they will destabilize his regime. And they did.

The beauty about Goodluck Jonathan and his supporters was that they never arrested, victimized,  created personal hatred  nor bullied anybody.

Today,  Buhari has become a sectional president.  A president for a particular people.  That saying anything against him is tantamount to fighting certain groups of people.

Today,  the government of the day  and its supporters are going about arresting,  bullying,  chasing,  collecting information of it critics, spewing hatred,  dragging individual political views to places of work, etc. What a shame.

Today,  criticising Buhari is like fighting against the North and insulting him is like insulting Islam.

It is pathetic that it has gotten to this low low level.

You see the reasons I  hate this contraption called Nigeria.

For their information, by virtue of the fact that  I  am still a Nigerian, pay tax and oil revenue which General Muhammadu Buhari spends is gotten  from my region.

Buhari is the president and I have right to criticize him. Live with it!

Godzgyft St Pius is a Nigerian and an ardent of true federalism, resource control for the people of Nigeria, and believes in self determination. He strongly believe in equity fairness and justice. Connect with him on Facebook

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