#SoundOff: Where The Real ‘Baby Factory’ Communities Exist In Nigeria

#SoundOff: Where The Real ‘Baby Factory’ Communities Exist In Nigeria

By Opinions | The Trent on April 18, 2016
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by Emmanuel Emmanuel Udoh

I’m not being tribalistic. But I really have to set the record straight!

It has come to my notice that some disgruntled, misguided, unscrupulous elements and welfare candidates from a certain part of this country, whose only lifeline and source of survival is from welfare packages disguised as monthly allocation from the resources of the South, have gotten used to calling my people BABY FACTORIES!

Now what do they understand as a factory? A factory to everyone is basically a production unit of any manufacturing business.

A Northerner who is probably a product of a paedophilia and underage marriage will speedily call me a product of baby factory forgetting that his mother started breeding and manufacturing babies at 9 alongside his other three stepmothers making his immediate family one huge baby factory.

It’s on record that 90% of beggars in sub-Saharan Africa are from northern Nigeria!

Their features are as follows :

Their mothers are high yield breeders. Starting production at age nine. 

The babies are produced basically to beg from 2-14 and later used as weapons to make the nation ungovernable!

They are brainwashed to believe they were born and destined to be followers of their elites who never give out their daughters for early marriage but instead send them out to school abroad.

They are deprived education so as to keep them opinionless and easy to manipulate like the robots they were meant to be.

They are kept busy with cow rearing and terrorism. While their elites rule over them for decades until their children are done with school to take over from them and the cycle continues.

When next a northerner tag you a baby factory, ask him who manufactures the Almajiris? Ask him who manufactures the suicide bombers and terrorists? Ask him who are manufactured to be used as tools in the hands of their political class?

When stupidity meets technology. That is when you see an incubated zombie who got admission with 30 marks as jamb score get to type bullcrap on Facebook.

Colony of welfarians!

Emmanuel Udoh is a ton of wits. He is a social media political activist and building engineer and contractor. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 


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