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Sunday Sweetness: 10 Funny Wedding PHOTOS [LOOK]

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We bring you something to put a smile on your face on Sunday. Thanks to our friends at Teen Digest.

#10 Funniest Groomsmen Ever

Not only the unique accessorizing idea, but also the pose and the fun, party spirit that can be felt thought the picture make it as amazing as it is, and of course extremely funny to look at.

#9 Shameless Butt Grabbing.

If you have the fun relationship with your friends, I am sure they won’t mind this unique, funny photo idea. The memories for your wedding will be forever alive, not only in a photo, but also in the minds of all your groomsmen. After all, how often do you grab your friend ass?

#8 Naughty Bridesmaids are ready for the Party

Every now and then there is this crazy, naughty girlfriend, who just needs to be the centre of attention, and why not let her- it’s all worth it for this crazy, memorable wedding photo.

#7 Drink it up!

The roles are a bit reversed on this magnificent wedding photo. The idea for girls to take over what is supposed to be men work is simply funny, yet extremely adorable to look at, or at second thought maybe not so much.

#6 She’s the Man!

Another drinking related wedding photo, but we must admit that this one is just to die for funny. Yep, women are good at all stuff, and this bride has shown those guys how it is done. Poor husband!

#5 F*ck It! Oh, wait…

Why to show your middle finger, when you have a much more interesting thing on your other one. This couple have decided to show off their ring with as much proud as possible.

#4 Angry Grandpa

This guy is obviously not loved by the family of the bride just as much as he is by her. However, without this grandpa getting all protective at the last moment we would never have this hilarious wedding photo.

#3 Zombie Wedding

Yes, we all love zombies, but this zombie love went so far it is simply hilarious. Just imagine showing this to your kids and their friends one day, you would be the most amazing parents ever!

#2 It is mine!

Throwing the bucket is one of the most interesting parts of every wedding, but on this one it apparently became a bit aggressive. Well women can be like animals when it comes to who will get married next.

#1 Forever Alone

From a little bit sad to totally funny, I mean just look at his face. Don’t worry boy you will find someone to kiss soon. This really is a fun family photo.

And one for the road.

Protect Yourself

You don’t want to stand in that line!

Many men love sports. These guys love it so much that they can’t stand the temptation to play soccer a little bit. Go easy on the groom! He has a wedding night to attend.

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