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Survivor Of Kenya Massacre Found Hiding In Wardrobe After 2 Days (PHOTOS)

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A terrified female survivor of Kenya’s university massacre was on Saturday, April 4, 2015 rescued from the wardrobe after hiding inside for two days.

The 19-year-old emerged unharmed and dehydrated, according to Kenya Red Cross said.

A spokesperson of Kenya Red Cross, Arnolda Shiundu said, “A survivor has been discovered, she was hiding in a wardrobe.

“She has been taken to hospital and she’s currently undergoing assessment by doctors.”

AFP revealed that she was initially too scared to come out until a university lecturer she knew came to convince her that the police officers were not the Al-Shabab gunmen who carried out the killing of nearly 150 of her fellow students.

A police officer involved in the security operation who preferred anonymity said, “She is the latest survivor, she has been hiding in a wardrobe for two days.

“That is when she came out of the wardrobe and rushed to hospital.”

The survivor told how she drank “body lotion when she felt hungry.”

Kenyan troops searching the building were alarmed when they heard sounds coming from inside a wardrobe.

A source from the troops said, “She kept asking for reassurance from the security forces they were not Al-Shebab before she could come out.

“She was given milk and rushed to the Garissa hospital, where she is being observed before being given counselling.”

The Red Cross spokeswoman further revealed that four survivors were also found on Friday, April 3, 2015.

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