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Africans Are Enemies Of Progress And America Doesn’t Need Them, Donald Trump Says?

Republican presidential nominee frontrunner, billionaire reality TV star and real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, has again called out on Africans who according to him are...

Israeli Government To Pay African Refugees $3,500 To ‘Go Back Home’

 After widespread race related riots by Africans in Israel, the Israeli government has announced that it will pay $3,500 grants to African refugees to...

Xenophobia? How General Buhari Expelled 2 Million Africans From Nigeria (CLICK)

The world was recently held spell bound when xenophobic attacks in South Africa which turned violent leaving 7 dead and many more injured. Similarly, May...

Opinion: On Mandela’s People Who Kill Black Africans

by Karshima Shilgba This new wave of xenophobic attacks on black Africans resident in South Africa by their fellow black hosts is one that will...

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