Africans Are Enemies Of Progress And America Doesn’t Need Them, Donald Trump...

Africans Are Enemies Of Progress And America Doesn’t Need Them, Donald Trump Says?

By Chidinma Unigwe | Sub Editor on October 27, 2015

Republican presidential nominee frontrunner, billionaire reality TV star and real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, has again called out on Africans who according to him are ‘lazy fools only good at eating, lovemaking and thuggery’.

Speaking in Indianapolis, Trump maintained that in order to restore America’s lost glory, he would deport Africans especially those from Kenya including the incumbent President Barack Obama.

He said: “African Americans are very lazy. The best they can do is gallivanting around ghettoes, lamenting how they are discriminated. These are the people America doesn’t need.

“They are the enemies of progress. Look at African countries like Kenya for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries.

“From the government to opposition, they only qualify to be used as a case study whenever bad examples are required. How do you trust even those who have ran away to hide here at the United States hiding behind education?

“I hear they abuse me in their blogs but I don’t care because even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side.

“These are people who import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self governance.

“I promise to make America great again by restoring our dignity that we have since lost through Obama. The more reason why I still believe that he, and his Kenyan brothers and sisters should be deported back to Kenya to make America safe.”

It was learnt that Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon of African descent, also a Presidential aspirant,  saw the statement as offensive and has since kept their distance from Trump.

Updated at 7pm on Friday, May 27, 2016

Editor’s Note: It has been found unproven that Donald Trump made the comments concerning Africans.


  1. I Hope AFRICAN LEADERS are reading Donald Trump’s piece. Everything he wrote about African leaders is correct, irrespective of his motivation which may be racial bias. We need more of such straight talks to generate sufficient momentum in us for the radical transformation or change our situation demands. An angry response is the most wrong-headed approach.

  2. Every African leader should read Donald Trump’s piece. Everything he wrote about us is correct irrespective of his motivation which may be racial bias. We need more of such straight talks to generate sufficient momentum in us for the radical transformation or change which our situation demands. An angry response is the most wrong-headed approach.

  3. In as much as Donald Trump might be telling the truth, I still believe that he is very lousy and I can see that, he is obsessed with President Barack Obama and his parent country (Kenya) and using that as frustration on the rest of the African Countries. I don’t blame him at all, I blame our African Leaders for pushing our money into their economy in the name of looting. Talking about hiding behind education, a lot of these same African Americans have invented a lot and as well worked with both Military and Government of the said US like Leonard C. Bailey who invented folding bed, a rapid mail-stamping machine, a device to shunt trains to different tracks, and a hernia truss adopted into wide use by the U. S. Military. George Edward Alcorn, Jr. who worked primarily for IBM and NASA not to talk of Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr who was the First surgeon to successfully separate craniopagus twins. There are a lot of them, he should research very well before calling names. Though, he is entitle to his opinion, thought and so on. I would rest my case on the note that, I only blame our leaders not him. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew.

  4. Those Africans (and other blacks) who hate themselves but adore everything Caucasian can hear it from one horse’s mouth.This has been consistent with western thought since slave days and I am not surprised that trump has told it as it is.The real enemies are those who grin and never wish to spill the beans.

  5. Before we can say River Niger, Buhari will be back in the US with a begging bowl, claiming Nigerians are corrupt.

    Do we even respect ourselves?

  6. how can somebody who want to become a leader of a respectifully country like US his talking something painful like that hoo Africa my country what are we going to do to prove this guy that we are genuine.

    • If its true we should thank this guy. He’s taking the risk of hurting you inorder to speak the truth that may help in the end. Hurting someone isn’t easy to do, and some will ignore and hold it in the heart to your detriment speaking it is commendable. Its his racism I don’t like.

  7. Donald Trump.
    I want to thank u for those words of urs
    The reason why u re saying all these, is because
    Ur parent ve told u lies or u re not telling ur self the truth, I want to correct u on some of things u said that Africans re lazy, we Africans re not lazy as matter of facts we re the most had working pple on earth,
    Trump if u were born and grow up in Africa u could ve ended up most poorest man in the world, because the opportunity which were given to u as white man if the same opportunity were been given to an African he ll far far richer than the level u re right now, concerning the Africa leaders, they ve been subjected to white man slavery strategies, the white man uses these leader to sabotage Africa, the only leader that refuses to be used was Gaddafi and he was killed by the same white pple, using the same method of divide and rule to killed him by his pple, Donald Trump u re poor and lazy mentally U need to go back and study history so that u can come back and speak like a normal human being and listen the youth of Africans cannot be sabotage, destiny can be delayed but it can’t be stop

  8. all i want to tell u donald trump is to allows us, we Biafrans to be free and u wil see a civilize country because we are a very hardworking people

  9. What Donald Trump to be trumped at 2016 American presidential election, to an extent, regarding bad leadership and bad governance in the african continent are right. However, his attack on the good people of Africa shows that the 21century global politics do not need an emperor, myopic, racist, divisionary, egocentric and loquacious leader like Donald Trump. The sooner african leaders appreciate the fact the african continent must first be developed by Africans and create the enabling environment for rapid development, eschew corruption, enhance citizen democratic participation and workable institutions to fasttrack the eluded development, the better for the transformation of Africa. Trump outburst is a wake up call for a developed african continent.God bless Africa

  10. i tink dat white monkey call Trump is an animal. May God of Africa judge him. What a president to be. African American be careful in ur casting u vote to dat rasist.

  11. i tink dat white monkey call Trump is an animal. May God of Africa judge him. What a president to be. African American be careful in ur casting u vote to dat rasist.

  12. whats this biafran nonsense you people keep saying?? we are talking about a continent and you a talking about a group of people who are unrecognized legally. people are leaving reasonable comment and you couldnt even say a thing. i only blame our leaders else why would we be going there? he just said a truth that most caucasians wouldnt speak out which they are so full of ”Racism”. maybe he doesnt know Africans are d strongest and most hardworking people you can find anywhere. but his hate and obsession would not make him see…

  13. How about Trump explain why many “white” Americans are flocking into my country claiming they are here to help, yet we all know it’s because of our natural resources. Isn’t it the western world teaming up with our presidents and stealing from the people?
    Trump admitted that the US killed Gaddafi for no reason but the lies they planted for his plan was going to take Africa to greatness and the dollar was going to be as worthless as fake money!

    The US has been putting its nose in countries outside its borders since way back and for him to blame Obama is pathetic and shows how ignorant he is, concerning the history of his so called great country. If we are to openly lay facts on the table about who discovered what, we’d find a lot of black migrants behind most of the modern technology he boasts of and compared to US, how many different kinds of natural resources is found in Africa? The only thing US is great in, is causing war and destroying countries and lifes. For long they’ve used lies in order to fool the Americans and the world as an excuse for going into war, but a thief has only forty days and we’ll not accept the foolery no more! Trump as a businessman top, as president? Well if he can, then I should definitely go for it too.

    • I like the facts and the truth u are sharing. It bleeds my heart soo much when some pig skin humans see their fellow humans as nothing.if Africa shld rise and come together as one, no Europe or the Americans can come close.

  14. Donald Trump even standing for President is evidence that America is a disaster waiting to happen. Africans do not need Americans; if only they could leave Africans alone.

    Sadly they cannot, given the vast wealth Africans have, which they want. Donald Trump and his species are upset because Africans won’t let them so easily into their wealth.

    It is up to Africans to change to do the right and good things in their own individual rights and as a continent; then they can win and lead. America or any other cannot survive the way wrong and madness now freely rule

    David Okun.

  15. donald turmp abi what is you call yourself white money we African knows you stupid white plans is stilling by trick and we youth of now are days wnut tolerate that from you animals call American.. Stupid people teafse.

  16. Donald Chump knows that he is incapable of penetrating the inner circle that President Obama belongs to and he is mad as hell because he never will possess that affiliation.
    Here are some points of consideration:
    1. Donald Chump messes up royally despite the present of advisors. There is no way in hell that Kenyans (East Africa) area majority within the US racial categorization legal terminology since most African Americans are descendants of West African origin.
    2. GOP folk and their ilk talk about colour blindness but they cleverly interject this racist stuff for their ‘ignorant voters’. They talk with a 4k’ed up tongue.
    3. I can only imagine what Mr Chump thinks of Dr Carson and although I will never vote for Dr Carson, the neurosurgeon possess the clear Americaness of what USA should be about when not affiliated with the label of parties (whether Democrat or GOP
    4. So these Africans are good at thuggery and eating. Then the native American is right about the white people who spew that crap when tehy said. “Europe did not send their best…they sent the rapists, the thugs who stole land and didi not pay for it, they said they belied in freedom but they legally enforced that freedom was not for other people, only for themselves…and the rest is history…………

  17. Mr Danold u r really a trap waiting to corrupt the poor American who failed in life and they see u as an opportunity to break through but i am poor and African but i want to put u to a test u and i in the jangle same people u talked to they will chose or tell who is lazy or that aside you talked about africans lazy n all the nonsense about africans n being good or bad in bed but i can tell u one thing u will never be who u want to be or who u dream of being thats another point u left out about Africans we can tell u the truth if u r wasting your time or not but now sir u r wasting your time……

  18. Does he think America is an Island. I can now see the prophesy about the USA coming to be fulfilled. America will one day fall. And this is just the beginning. While other leaders are trying to make friends with Africa, he thinks he can do without Africa. Go ahead and depot Africans if you think you have the capacity to do so???????? Africa though we may have our own weaknesses is the Future for this planet. You will all soon look to Africa for most raw materials and food. Without our raw materials your internet will not function. So what are you telling us?? your yapping simply shows how ignorant most Americans are. You undermined China for so many years because of your ignorance, now China is high up and you are confused. You have failed to undermine now you want to bring your madness to Africa. For your info, China is more of a factor to Africa that he USA.

  19. WIth this piece, this gentle man should just have a wave of dreaming to become US president. He lost it all, i would suggest he pull himself out of the race. In irony- am yet to see a sensible white man of his kind. He needs an African man especially from Kenya to put him through. Nigerians won’t have his time they have pple closer to his cadre they’re taming. Without election u’re in- guess where- TOILET

    • Yea the truth hurt but never to discriminate and render some kind of persons useless as if u are an angel sent from heaven. I tell Africa has made America what it is today and now. Speak the ill nature and hypocrisy of African leaders and motivate the African citizens to rise and fight for good policies and transparency

  20. Well, I am not one of these lazy Africans. LOL!! He speaks some truth but He needs wisdom. Truth is must Africans do not know who they are and their self worth. I visited a well known country in African and I would not believe how black people disrespect their own and uphold the white man. SAD!!! This is not the case for white people, Chinese people or any other culture that I know. Until then, you will always be looked down upon. Remember the song, I am living in power, I am living in miracles, I live a life of favor cause I know who I am. Until then…

  21. Despite the ulterior motives of crazy Trump, most of the things he said are true, many African Americans excluding Africans are lazy. Africans on the other hand have an incurable disease called corruption. They will never stop being corrupt and stealing from their own governments, leaving the underprivileged poorer…in other words the only people to benefit from african governments are politicians.

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