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Why Was THIS Painting Sold For $46.5 Million [LOOK]

The painting pictured above which was done by Mark Rothko has been sold for $46.5 million at a Sotheby's auction in New York. The work...

Record Breaking: Picasso Painting Auctioned For $1.7 Billion (PICTURED)

Arts lives forever and usually outlives its creator. The universe itself is an art form. So is the case of iconic painter Pablo Picasso who,...

The World’s Biggest Egg Sold For A Whooping £50,000 (PHOTO)

How big an omelette would this egg have made? The egg on auction belonged to the elephant bird which lived in Madagascar off the coast of Africa...

27-Year-Old Medical Student Selling Her Virginity Online Cancels $800 Thousand Auction (PICTURED)

Stunning 27-year-old Elizabeth Raine - who does not use her real name and claims to be American - was selling herself to the highest...

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