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Student Hangs Himself After He Was Forced To Apologize Before School For Cheating (PHOTO)

An 18-year-old student committed suicide after he was humiliated in front of the whole school for cheating during a test. Charlie Brown, who was a...

OMG: Entire City Gets High After Police Openly Burnt Confiscated Marijuana (PHOTOS)

In what is believed to be the funniest occurrence ever, residents of an entire city reportedly got "high" after police operatives burnt three tonnes...

House of Reps Extends Petroleum ‘Host Community’ Funds To Entire Nigeria

On Thursday, May 14, 2015 the House of Representatives approved a clause in the Petroleum Industry Bill that includes the entire country as "host...

Teacher Strips Naked 2 Boys, Age 7, Threatens To Chop Off Their Penises Cos They Forgot To Wear Santa Hats

A school teacher at Strandmolle School had meted out extreme punishment on two 7-year-old boys by forcing them to strip naked in front of...

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