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Flags Fly At Half Mast As Ghana Begins 3-Day Mourning For Flood And Fire Victims

Authorities and citizens of Ghana on Monday, June 8, 2015 commenced a three-day national mourning for some victims who lost their lives to flood...

Ethiopia Declares 3-Day National Mourning For Christians Murdered By ISIS Militants

The Ethiopian government on Monday, April 20, 2015 disclosed that there would be a three-day national mourning for the Ethiopian Christians killed by Islamic...

School Massacre: Kenyan President Declares 3-Day National Mourning

The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday, April 4, 2015 declared three days of national mourning following the massacre of about 150 students...

Taiwan To Hold Day Of Mourning For Air Crash Victims

NAN - Cabinet Spokesman Sun Lih-chyun on Monday said Taiwan will hold a day of mourning on Tuesday for victims of the TransAsia Airways...

Alkasim Abdulkadir: Tragedy Fatigue In A Season Of Funerals [The Trent Voices]

The past few have seen an escalation in the tragic onslaught on non combatants in the North Eastern corner of Nigeria. In its violent...

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