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Exposing the Myth: 6 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Fails as a Food Accounting Measure

The ubiquitous adage, "calories in, calories out," has become the mantra of many diet-conscious individuals. But is calorie counting really the holy grail for...

Bill Gates: The Moment I Shook Hands With Dangote, I Knew We Had A Ton In Common [MUST READ]

Have you ever met someone new and immediately felt like you could talk to them for hours? That happened the first time I met Aliko...

4 Bad Eating Habits You Need To Drop Right Now

Habits are very difficult to give up or drop. A habit that may probably not agree with this rule is your eating habit. This...

13 Easy Ways To Add Extra Protein To Every Meal

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, which is why we partnered with thinkThin® protein bars to show you some simple swaps...

8 Foods That Are Killing Your Sex Drive

Foods that look harmless could be killing your sex life. Here's how to identify libido busters 1. Cheese: Most commercial cheeses are made of cow's milk treated with...

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