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Father Takes Sons Obsessed With Violent Video Game To Real War Zones To Put Them Off Guns (PHOTOS)

A Swedish journalist decided to teach his two young sons – who were obsessed with war-based video games – what real war is all...

UNBELIEVABLE: Car Sex By Young Lovers Delays Train From Leaving (RECORDING)

When it comes to sex, there's a difference between pulling a train and delaying a train. An amorous young couple in Morrum, Sweden, did the...

SHOCKING: An Entire Class Of Schoolgirls Subjected To Genital Mutilation

School health services in the small Swedish city of Norrköping have found 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) among schoolgirls since March, with...

10 Cities With The Cleanest Streets In The World

Are you a clean freak about to hit the road for a vacation? Or a germaphobe looking for a squeaky clean place to set...

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