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This Latest Blunder By Femi Adesina Will Put Buhari In Trouble (CLICK)

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The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has once again raised question marks as to whether he is competent enough to hold such a sensitive office.

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In a recent interview with Kayode Ogundamisi, a social commentator, Adesina claimed that President Buhari never promised to publicly declare his assets, claiming it was only a campaign promise of the All progressives Congress (APC).

Apparently in a bid to cover up for the President’s inability to deliver on the first of his cardinal campaign “covenants” of publicly declaring his assets, Adesina was quoted as saying:

“You need to get his words right, go and check all that the president said during the campaign, in no place would you see it attributed to him as a person.

“But then there is a document by his party, the All Progressives Congress, saying he would declare publicly, so we need to set that right, it’s a declaration by his party.

“Now what does the law require? The law requires public officers to declare their assets; he has done that. But his party has a document that says he would do it publicly.

“There is a procedure for that, and the procedure is that you first declare, code of conduct (bureau) would verify and after that, if you want to make it public, the onus lies on you to say release. The procedure has to be followed.

“He has declared, and it is deposited with the code of conduct bureau and they need to verify. Let’s come to that time when code of conduct would say we have completed verification.”

It would be recalled that in the build-up to the Saturday, March 28, 2015 presidential election, Buhari had promised to make his assets known “publicly” within the first 100 days in order to set an example to every other government official in his administration.

The then presidential aspirant had said:

No matter how vast our resources, if they are not efficiently utilized, they will only benefit a privileged few, leaving the majority in poverty. I believe if Nigeria does not kill corruption; corruption will kill Nigeria.

I pledge to:

Publicly declare my assets and liabilities and encourage my political appointees to also publicly declare their assets and liabilities.

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With this latest gaffe, the argument that Adesina is grossly incompetent for such a sensitive office seems to hold water after all.

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