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Tips to Dating A Lady: 4 Major Dos and Don’ts

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Dates can be particularly overwhelming and nerve-wracking for both men and women. When a man decides to make new acquaintances, it can become increasingly tedious. This is because men sometimes choose to date above their league. While this is not always frowned upon, it needs strategy and finesse to work. 

Knowing what makes a lady happy and motivated is not easy and can leave a man feeling downtrodden. If a guy doesn’t manage to secure a date on the first encounter, they may become hopeless. This is true for teenagers, youth, and older men too.

How to Behave around a Lady

As you plan to date a lady sooner rather than later, there are tips to securing that date faster and more dates thereafter. Women and young ladies prefer men chasing them and not vice versa. However, it is important to note when they are dropping hints for you to stop. After securing a date on a fancy dating app, or a foreign date site, you should be courting a woman instead of stalking her. Once you firm up that first date, here are some proven ways that work around young ladies, and women, while dating.

1. Conversations

Keep conversations clean and avoid vulgarity at all costs. Clean in this case refers to avoiding slurs of any kind. Women have a distaste for racial and religious slurs, as well as misogyny. Again, why would you have something against women while trying to date them, right? However, we sometimes pay less attention to these slurs and behaviors than we should. With that being the case keep conversations general and talk about the weather. Focus on topics with a common ground; it is easier to keep these conversations flowing.

2. Dress code

This is part of behaviour and should never be ruled out. Men should remain formal at all times, or semi-casual if need be. It means showing up in slacks, khakis, and Polo tee shirts to remain semi-casual. Women love someone who makes the extra effort to look good. In this case, you add ticks in her good book and possibly initiate a second date easily. Dress codes work for men and women, but the women have more leeway. Men, however, need to work on clothing, grooming, and incidentally, body odour too. These are all part of behaviours when dating a smart girl.

How to behave when dating a lady: what to avoid

3. Underdressing

Showing up in beach shorts and gym attire is not a good way to start a relationship. That first date should not center on super casual fittings and informal wear. Showing up dressed like you are meeting the boys is a no-no. Again, women love it when you make extra effort. Ultimately, the idea is to smell good, and look like you care about your looks but also avoid being metrosexual. It all boils down to being manly with some finesse.

4. Overindulgence

Dating a smart girl requires some finesse and sacrifices. If you drink too much on that first date or subsequent dates, it won’t resonate well. Keep things civil and avoid getting into confrontations, or raising your voice when bartenders, waitresses, and revelers get in your way. The first sign of arrogance and drunkenness is sure to send her running for the hills.

Bottom Line

That first date might be with a Russian babe hoping to experience American lifestyles immediately. It might require taking her to the California beach where bikinis and speedos are in. However, not all dates start off that way. They likely will begin in a restaurant, with formal introductions et al. It is thus crucial to keep in mind dress codes, topics of conversation, and above all, avoiding drunkenness. 

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