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Niger Delta Congress Condemns Planned Impeachment of Governor Fubara

...Warns Against Ethnic Unrest

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PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria – The Niger Delta Congress (NDC) has expressed strong opposition to the rumoured plans to impeach Rivers State’s Governor Siminalaye Fubara.

In an e-mailed statement to The Trent on Monday, November 20, 2023, the NDC highlighted concerns over potential social unrest and regional instability that such actions might provoke.

The NDC noted the polarising nature of the recent gubernatorial elections in Rivers State, which were significantly influenced by ethnic sentiments.

The group stressed that any attempt to impeach Governor Fubara without clear justification could be perceived through an ethnic lens, potentially destabilizing not only Rivers State but also the broader Niger Delta region.

Mudiaga Ogboru, the National Spokesperson for the Niger Delta Congress, underscored the importance of adhering to democratic principles such as due process, transparency, and respect for the rule of law.

The statement emphasized that any efforts to remove Governor Fubara must be grounded in justification, adhere to constitutional procedures, and respect the democratic mandate granted by the people.

The NDC’s statement also highlighted the risks of ethnic unrest, warning against actions that could heighten tensions along ethnic lines.

The organisation called for dialogue and understanding among all stakeholders to address any arising issues. It emphasised that the advancement of Rivers State, evident in infrastructural development and improved well-being of the people, should remain a priority.

The statement concluded with a call to prioritize the maintenance of ethnic harmony and sociopolitical stability in the Niger Delta region, urging all parties to foster a harmonious environment conducive to the state’s development.

Niger Delta Congress

Niger Delta Congress

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