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Top 10 Female Turn Ons Every Guy Must Know

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Knowing what turns a woman on is one of the most important keys to a establishing and maintaining a good relationship. Unfortunately, most men do not know the true art of turning a woman on and fail when it comes to doing it the right way. The following is a list of the most wanted male traits that can turn a woman on and get her going.

1. Being able to make her feel like a woman
The majority of women are searching for an appealing man who recognizes how to treat his lady the right way. A man who respects a woman and appreciates her for who she is has the power to make her weak in the knees. Make her feel special, and she’ll go to the ends of the earth for you.

2. Being able to take charge
Women want men who know what they want and who will stand up for themselves, make their own decisions and take charge of any situation. Being a man and giving a woman a feeling of protection is endearing as well as arousing.

3. Being able to say “I’m sorry”
Being able to say “I’m sorry” when you are clearly at fault is a definite turn on for women. A simple apology when deserved expresses a deep kind of respect for her and shows that you are emotionally fair and considerate.

4. Knowing how to touch her
This is a HUGE part of turning a girl on. Most guys fail to realize the places women want to be touched. A majority of women prefer soft, tender touches and strokes all over their body until they get fully aroused. So learn some good massage techniques and gently try a few on her head, neck and shoulders to increase her sexual responsiveness.

5. Being able to hold your own
Women (especially successful ones) look for men who won’t take them for granted, so financial stability is a huge turn-on for them. Women feel comfortable with a man who is ambitious and passionate about life and can support himself. Being self-sufficient reassures a woman that she will not have to handle everything in a relationship.

6. Being well groomed
A man who is well groomed holds an irresistible attraction to women. Women love a guy that can throw together a nice outfit with coordinating shoes, and who takes the time to style his hair and shave his face.

7. Being a gentleman
Chivalry isn’t dead, and it s still very much appreciated by women. Gestures, like opening doors, letting her go in ahead of you, standing slightly when she leaves the table and helping her with her jacket, are all important to women.

8. Having a great body
Women are not nearly as fixated on this one as men are, but they are still turned on by a man with a great body. A nice set of pecs along with well-defined biceps and broad shoulders are part of the whole image women have conjured up in their fantasy-filled daydreams. A good athletic figure is not only a sign of strength and masculinity; it also reveals that you’re keeping yourself up.

9. Being intelligent with a sense of humor
Women love to be with men who are smart and can make them smile and laugh. Laughter is really important in a woman’s life and when you can hold an intelligent conversation and make her laugh, you give the impression that you are a sociable, attractive and humorous man. Most women want to be stimulated by someone who can tell a good joke and can challenge them intellectually.

10. Being a great kisser
 Passionate kisses are love magnets that linger in a woman’s mind. Keep your kisses exciting by being spontaneous and by varying their intensity and duration. For most women, this deepens the connection in a relationship and supercharges their sex drive.

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