Guys, 10 Signs She’s Only Settling For You

Guys, 10 Signs She’s Only Settling For You

By Lifestyles | The Trent on April 11, 2014
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I pity men, sometimes, for being so often scoffed at for philandering and being phony in a relationship. But some women drum up their own shenanigans too. You have to be smart enough to smell the surest signs she is using you, before you burn a hole in your pocket, not to mention your heart.

Understanding a woman can be really difficult. Freud couldn’t do it, so what makes you think you can? Some of these selfish females may very well emotionally manipulate you and even exploit you for perks. Even though she has duped you into believing that she is the girl of your dreams, she is quite certainly going to give away the sham through some unintentional signs that you have to look out for.

We, here, are warning you about 10 signs she is using you. Don’t settle for them. You deserve better!

1. She behaves like Summer from 500 Days of Summer

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If your lady friend tells you that you guys are ‘‘just good friends’’ every now and then, you should brace yourself to face the fact that she is not in love with you. She will hug you, snuggle and cuddle up to you, but the very next moment shove you away and share her concerns about your friendship. She will tell you about her hesitations with everything happening too quickly. She will make it a point to let you know at every drop of a hat that she is still not prepared to commit to something ‘real,’ even if you are practically a couple! Your adoration, my friend, is being used to her benefit.

2. “Knight in Shining Armor or Man Friday?”

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In case you are chivalrous, you have had it when it comes to a woman like this. She will be the damsel in distress all the time! Her phone has to be recharged every now and then, although she only gives you missed calls. You suddenly become her new best friend when her girlfriends ditch her on a shopping plan. You are asked to whitewash for her when her parents inquire, although you have no idea what you are covering up for. You also have to become your lady’s chauffeur, ignoring whatever may have been on your to-do list, never mind the want-to-do list.

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