Top 5 Shocking Secrets You Didn’t Know About Online Gambling

Top 5 Shocking Secrets You Didn’t Know About Online Gambling

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on October 9, 2019
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Online gambling sounds like a fairy tale to most people. The jackpots, bonuses, and promotions seem too good to be true. There’s so much to choose from on the internet. One can always be confused on the right site as well as a casino game. Do you need to clear the confusion? Below are some online gambling secrets that you didn’t know about now!

On-net gambling isn’t legal everywhere

The law is the 1st place to start. On-net gambling isn’t legal in all countries. You need to be familiar with the law so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong hand. Ignorance about the law is no excuse.

Some countries, such as the UK have legalized online gambling. In the US, some states are more complicated. States such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have legalized on-net gambling.

On-net casino bonuses aren’t as magnificent as you imagine

For a novice, online betting is confusing. There are numerous casinos, as well as gambling agencies online. All are in a bid to lure you. To do this, they offer substantial casino promotions as well as bonuses. The offers are so high that one might dive in. However; you need to know the wagering requirements.

Be careful on the rollover. Some casinos have high rollover that it’s difficult to withdraw your winnings. You should note that there’s hardly any casino that will reward you money for nothing

Most games aren’t rigged

There’s a common notion that online casino games get rigged. However, that’s not the case. Majority of the games including slots work on random number generators. It means you’ll have a similar winning chance with either your 1st spin or 50th spin. However, at the most time, it doesn’t seem like it.

There’s something you need to know. These slot machines are designed to have a figure which denotes their mean returns. Some slot machines have a 90 percent mark which is usually wrong.

Games such as blackjack and poker always feel like it’s become rigged at times. More so, when one is making consistent losses. In a situation where there’s no physical dealer, its hard to know how the cards are coming out.

However, online casinos, including 389poker website, hardly rig their most popular game. They have to adhere to strict requirements. Or else they risk shutting down due to duping punters.

There’s no way to count cards in on-net blackjack

Most punters make a killing in land-based casinos due to cheating. However, it’s challenging to do this in online casino games such as blackjack. There’s no way to count cards in an online game. Online blackjack is a risk, and you take the blackjack cards made available to you.

Nearly 70 % of online casinos come from slot machines

Do you often wonder where online casinos get money to finance their huge jackpots? Most online casinos depend on slot machines. They are the gold mine of on-net casinos. The games become designed in a way that’s hard to win. Most of their profits go back to the house.


While choosing an online gambling agency, including 389poker website, you must have the relevant knowledge. With this information, you can start selecting your games wisely.


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