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Nollywood Actor Junior Pope Reportedly Alive, Hospitalised After Boat Mishap

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ASABA, Nigeria – Popular Nollywood actor Junior Pope Odonwodo, known professionally as Junior Pope, previously reported to have drowned, earlier today, has been revived and hospitalised.

The initial reports of his demise on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, have been corrected in a series of dramatic developments that underline the importance of timely medical interventions and the dangers of premature declarations of death.

The saga began with a tragic report that Junior Pope had drowned while filming on a river in Delta State, Nigeria.

He was reportedly taken to a mortuary, only to be turned away by an attendant who noticed signs of life, asserting that the actor was still alive and urging those who brought him to seek immediate medical help instead.

A Nollywood veteran, preferring anonymity, shared via a WhatsApp voicenote the harrowing details of the actor’s ordeal to The Trent at 9:13pm on Wednesday.

According to the source, Junior Pope was en route to a film set via boat when a collision occurred, leading to several individuals being thrown into the water.

Misidentified as deceased, Junior Pope was among those mistakenly transported to a mortuary. Remarkably, his movements alerted a mortician to his survival, prompting a series of interventions that eventually led to his hospitalization.

“He [Junior Pope] was on his way to set, apparently, the boat he was in had a head-on collision. A couple of people were seemingly drowned. His was one of the bodies covered and taken to the mortuary. But I think he moved so the mortician rejected him. I think they took him to some herbalist. From there to the hospital. But he is alive now. I think that’s what you need to know now,” he said.

There’s a video circulated on Instagram, featuring a young man in a vehicle claiming to be rushing the actor to the hospital. He claimed they were instructed to perform rituals by the river to revive Jnr. Pope, highlighting a moment of desperation and the intersection of traditional beliefs with emergency healthcare.

The individual in the video also expressed frustration at onlookers who chose to take photographs rather than assist in transporting the actor and another individual to the hospital.

A video shared on Linda Ikeji’s official Instagram page, shows the actor being supported in a sitting position, surrounded by people attempting to provide aid.

The news recovery of Jnr. Pope not only brings relief to his family, friends, and fans.

As the actor continues to receive medical care, the entertainment community and the public await further updates on his condition, hoping for a full recovery.

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