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Warning! 7 Things You Should Not Discuss At Work

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There are some conversations that don’t belong in the workplace. Topics to avoid include those that could become fodder for the office grapevine and personal information that might negatively influence the perceptions others have about your ability to do your job well.

We usually get an immediate sense for when we have crossed that line between acceptable banter and telling people things we shouldn’t have. Suddenly the facial expression of the person we speak to changes as if they wanted to say: I never thought YOU would do THAT!? Or YOU believe WHAT? You are no longer the person I thought you were…

Anything you tell colleagues will spread faster than a link to a secret sex tape showing Rihanna and Drake would on Facebook and Twitter. Always remember that everyone loves to pass on gossip. What’s more, most people continue to talk and complain about colleagues when they get home or see friends.

We spend a vast proportion of our time at work and whilst our work colleagues are like a second family. The work place is a bit like a jungle, with professional predators at every turn. Without sounding too paranoid, it’s difficult to know whom to trust so just be wary of what you say, as sometimes people can hold it against you or it can be grounds for jealousy and some subsequent unprofessional conduct. So, in the interests of a more harmonious working environment, here are some things you shouldn’t discuss at work.

1. How Much You Earn

This is really important and is one of the reasons I have put it at the top. Talking about pay can cause disharmony and jealousy in some professional circles. There are those who are convinced (and sometimes quite rightly) that they have done more or have earned that promotion more than the other person, so this can lead to a tense working environment. Never talk about money at work, be it details about your salary or how much you have spent on your house, car or latest gadget. Talking about money can trigger lots of negative feelings such as jealousy and resentment.

2. Drunken Nights

We’ve all been there but advertising your drunken night of debauchery is probably not a good idea in the work place. The problem is that no matter what, your past can come back to bite you on the behind, so if you have had a night of excess, great, I’m no puritan.even if you are nursing the hangover from hell or want to share the excesses of your super party weekend, don’t do it at work. It will always look unprofessional. And as for talking about other drugs – don’t even think about it! Just be careful about the impression you give at work where the boss’s ears may be pricked up.

3. Relationship Trouble

We all sometimes ride on the crest of the relationship wave and sometimes the waters can be stormy. The problem is that if you’re constantly talking about the fact that your significant other is a pain in the behind, it can be embarrassing for your work colleagues if they meet them at the next social gathering. It’s also embarrassing because chances are, you guys will work things out but your work colleagues will be questioning why you’re together if he or she causes you so much grief. Just be careful what you divulge.Why shouldn’t you talk about your sex life? Simply because it’s no one’s business other than yours and your partner’s. Other than that, it makes people uncomfortable. Taken to the extreme, it may even border on sexual harassment.you might have the most amazing or most miserable love life there is, but don’t share the detail at work.

4. Family Trouble

Families are funny things and there is no such thing as a perfect one. We all have our arguments and periods of uncommunicativeness with various members, which can go on for years, and although I sound like a member of the mob, sometimes family business is family business. When you discuss problems you are having with others, your co-workers and your boss may wonder if those problems are distracting you from doing your job. Talking about your problems with your family will reveal your weaknesses. You don’t want to do this, especially if you are in a position of authority.

5. Past Misdemeanors

Our past is passed so there is no point in agonizing over something you did which you regret, especially if you don’t want your work colleagues to know about it. And although you may feel as though you trust someone in the work setting, just be careful, as some people often have their own agenda and will stop at nothing to climb the next rung of the promotional ladder, not caring who they have to step over on their way up.

6. Your Career Aspirations

Talking about how you want to move on to something bigger and better will certainly, for good reason, make your boss and co-workers question your loyalty to your current job. If you are interested in moving up within your current organization, your actions will speak louder than words. Do your job exceptionally well, and of course, let your boss know you want to move up, but don’t make it the topic of workplace conversations with anyone who will listen.

7. Who You Love/Hate

Naturally, there are going to be people you like more than others in the work place but it’s best to remain neutral. Is neutrality even possible though, I hear you ask? And doesn’t gossip help build bonds in the work place? I think remaining neutral can be hard, as people naturally like to travel in packs, but the problem with pack mentality is that you can sometimes be inadvertently drawn into nastiness. And although I do believe that gossip can help build bonds between people, it can also spread like a virus, mutating at every turn until it’s difficult to separate the truth from fiction and someone is bound to get hurt. Even if you think everyone agrees that “David from the accounts department is a massive jerk” – don’t say it out loud!

Can you think of any other topics you shouldn’t discuss with work colleagues? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a position where you have divulged a little more than you should have.

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