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Woman Goes In Search Of Her Long-Lost Mum And Gets The Shock Of Her Life (PHOTOS)

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Scared: Married couple Leandro and Adriana
Scared: Married couple Leandro and Adriana

This sounds quite complicated but true that a woman who has been searching for her mother finally finds her and realized she was married to her own brother.

The couple identified themselves as Brazilian Adriana, 39 and Leandro, 37 vehemently refused to disclose their surnames. They had a daughter six years ago and have been together for seven years.

The couple having abandoned at infancy have been trying all their lives to find their mothers whose names were both Maria. It never occurred to them that the women they were searching for could be the same woman.

Furthermore, Adriana who sells cosmetics was raised single-handedly by her father and she hadn’t seen her uncaring mother since she was one year old.

On the other hand, Leandro, a truck driver grew up with his stepmother, after being abandoned by his mum in his hometown of Sao Paulo when he was eight years old.

 This week the two were reunited live on air.

This week the two were reunited live on air.

Also, Adriana Leandro remained in the city while Adriana left to work as a housemaid, married for 15 years with three children.

However, the couple met for the first time ten years ago when Adriana returned to Sao Paulo after a failed marriage.

Sooner than later, they became lovers. Andriana didn’t give up the search for her mother as she contacted a radio station in the city to ask for help.

Shockingly, after the interview on Radio Globo’s programme titled ‘’The Time Is Now’’ which specializes in finding lost relatives, the mother revealed she also had a son who didn’t know her called Leandro.

On realization that her husband is also her brother, an emotional Adriana broke down and said: “I don’t believe that you’re telling me this. Leandro is my husband.” She expressed fears over getting home and realizing that Leandro wasn’t interested in her. I love him so much.”She added.

The couple, who never married legally, told Radio Globo that they would stay together even though they are actually siblings.

According to Adriana: “Only death is going to separate us. All this happened because God wanted it to happen.

She stated that they wouldn’t have delved into a love relationship if they knew earlier that they were siblings. Adding that they thought having mothers with same name was coincidental. Andriana said the news affected them initially but they have sorted it out and told family members that they will be together forever. They avoided throwing blames at their mum and said they would meet her soon

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