Women: 5 Symptoms During Pregnancy That You Should NEVER Ignore

Women: 5 Symptoms During Pregnancy That You Should NEVER Ignore

By Lifestyles | The Trent on May 24, 2015
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It is normal to experience a multitude of symptoms during pregnancy. Most pregnant women, especially if it is your first pregnancy, end up worrying if the symptoms they are experiencing are normal or require medical attention. After all it is not easy to determine if the tummy ache you are having is the result of indigestion or it is preterm labor. Here is a quick guide to few symptoms you must never ignore during pregnancy.

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding of any kind should never be ignored during pregnancy. Slight vaginal bleeding is quiet normal during pregnancy. During pregnancy the uterine walls become very sensitive and can cause bleeding due to sex during pregnancy, internal ultrasounds, implantation of the fetus to the uterine wall etc. However heavy bleeding or continuous bleeding for a long span of time requires immediate medical attention. It can be a symptom of an impending miscarriage, premature labor or some sort of medical complication. So never treat vaginal bleeding lightly during pregnancy and consult your gynecologist immediately.

Sharp Pain In Lower Or Middle Abdomen

While stomach pain can be the result of indigestion or constipation, it can also have some serious medical cause during pregnancy. It can be the result of placental abortion, a condition where the placenta separates from the uterus. It can also be a sign of premature labor or some kind of complication with the fetus. So if your stomach pain does not subside with just digestion tablets then consult your doctor immediately.

High Fever

If you are having a cold and due to the cold you are running slight temperature then it is fine. However if you have high fever without any symptoms of cold then it is important to consult your doctor immediately. High fever during pregnancy is usually the result of infections. If the infection is not treated on time then it can affect the health of the fetus.

Fluid Leaking From The Vagina

Leaking fluids after the 37th week of pregnancy is normal. It means that your water has broken and you are about to go into labor. Your body is preparing for birth. However fluids leaking from vagina before the 37th week can indicate premature labor and you must rush to the hospital immediately. If it is a slight leak then the doctors can stop it with medications and injections. However if the entire amniotic fluid has drained then it will lead to a premature delivery. Once the amniotic fluid starts leaking the baby becomes more susceptible to infections. So it is vital that you seek immediate medical help in case you are having fluids leaking from the vagina.

Decrease In Fetal Movement

By the end of the second trimester it is important to keep a mental track of the baby’s movements and kicks. The baby must make minimum 10 movements in an hour. If the baby stops movements for an hour or two it might mean that the baby is sleeping. But start keeping track. If you notice reduced fetal activity for several hours then it might mean that the baby is in some kind of distress and need medical attention. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice a decrease in fetal movements.

Few other symptoms that you must never ignore during pregnancy are blurred vision, excessive vomiting, infection in the gums, excessively swollen hands or feet, if you have bummed against the stomach etc. It is important to pay attention to each and every symptom during pregnancy. Whenever you are in doubt consult your doctor or midwife immediately. Do not rely solely on advices from friends and relatives. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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