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10 Difference Between Love And Lust Everyone Should Know

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Physical attraction can, at times, completely wipe out any semblance of common sense and what we are convinced is love, is actually only lust. It’s not unusual for a person to completely gloss over and ignore all the warning signs that someone is not right for them, when their body is pumped full of burning hormones, so read these ten hints and find out what is the difference between true and lasting love and short term lust:

1. You never discuss real life together

Discussing the future and real-life problems is all a part of a meaningful relationship. If it’s just lust thought, then it is quite likely that you don’t want to let the real world encroach on the passion and so, you both avoid any meaningful topics of conversation.

2. You are completely infatuated with his drop dead handsomeness 

If all you are thinking about is his fit body and drop dead gorgeous looks, then you could be overlooking some other important aspects of his character. There really is more to a lasting relationship, than looks, so delve a bit deeper, and see what you find.

3. You don’t spend any quality time together

What is the difference between love and lust? You can easily confuse not being able to keep your hands off each other for love. Talking might seem a boring waste of time right now, but how else are you really going to get to know a person, if you don’t talk?!

4. You are suppressing all your concerns, fears and worries about him

You’ve probably spotted a few things about him that make you think he is not ‘the one’, but you are pushing those thoughts quickly aside, so that they don’t ruin the moment. That’s the lust taking over your mind, but, eventually, you will have to address those fears and worries that you have about him.

5. You wouldn’t share any problems or intimate secrets with him

Friendship is on an equal level with passion in a meaningful relationship, so if you aren’t prepared to share any problems or secrets with him, then he is only a lover and not a real partner.

6. You have no time for anyone else

If your lust for a man is verging borders on obsession, then that is not healthy. Have you introduced him to friends and family? If not, then it could be because the only place you want to be with him is in the bedroom.

7. You don’t hang around after intimacy

A good indication that lust is more important than love in a relationship is what happens the next morning. Is it: ‘thanks very much, I’ll see you next time’ or does he, at least, hang around for breakfast?!

8. All of your conversations seem to be only flirtatious innuendos

Is bedroom exercise the only thing that you seem to talk about? If every single conversation that you have seems to end in innuendos or flirting, then this is lust and not love. Lovemaking is great and intimacy is important, but it shouldn’t be the only topic of conversation and it definitely isn’t the only foundation for a real meaningful relationship.

9. You are feeling guilty about the way you are behaving

It’s quite likely that you are not feeling great about yourself, when he’s not around, because deep down in your heart you know that this is not right. Listen to your heart and don’t let lust rule your life.

10. You never go anywhere

What is the difference between love and lust? Love means sharing things together and that includes going places and meeting people. If your relationship seems to be focused entirely on the bedroom, and that is the highlight of all your dates, then there is surely something else that you are missing.

What is the difference between love and lust? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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