10 Best Things About Dating Your Soulmate And True Love

10 Best Things About Dating Your Soulmate And True Love

By Beauty And Tips on July 17, 2015
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Dating adds flavour to life but finding your true love and soulmate takes things to a whole different level. Nothing can compare to that feeling when you love and are being loved. It makes us better people in every single respect, and that’s just the start of it. Here are some of reasons why neither money nor success can compare with finding your true love.

1. You are at your best

We really are the best versions of ourselves when we find our soulmate. The reason: true love comes easily and it takes no significant effort to nurture, so we don’t feel like we’re having to work hard for something elusive. What’s more, the feeling that you’re The One for that special someone can give you wings, make you believe that you can conquer the world. And so you can.

2. You get an all-in-one deal

When you’ve met your true love, you don’t just get a lover, you also get the best friend you’ll ever have. That’s why it’s called true love. He will be the one you can talk to about anything, he will be the one wiping your tears when the world hurts you and he will be the one to protect you from further harm. Plus there’s also great fun in bedroom, of course, let’s not forget this.

3. You get the best bedroom fun

Forget about the joy of experimentation and summer flings. Those who know their science are unanimous: the best lovemaking happens between people who know each other well, and who can tell each other what they like. When you really love each other, physical intimacy is not a power play (unless you both want it to be, of course), and it’s not a way of proving yourself. It’s shared pleasure, pure and simple.

4. You get to give

Receiving love, attention and material demonstrations of his feelings is great. Giving love, attention and all the rest of it is even better, and the only way we can experience this is when we find our true love. Love makes us more giving, it makes us less selfish, and that’s one of the greatest things about it.

5. You get to love yourself more 

Having said that about being giving, true love can also have a magical effect on your self-love. After all, you might have spent your life so far thinking that you’re worthless but now there is someone who loves you, really loves you, so you are obviously worth it. Keep that thought and never let go of it. You should love yourself irrespective of relationships but true love makes it this much easier.

6. You fight and it’s not the end of the world

When you’re in an uncertain, precarious relationship, you would probably prefer to hold your tongue whenever a disagreement arises, so as not to cause a breakup. That’s unhealthy, to say the least. When you really love each other, you know that no argument over how each of you squeezes the toothpaste can break you up. Arguing can be healthy – you can’t have identical opinions on every single thing, can you?

7. You plan your future together

When two people love each other, they can’t help but plan their future together. It’s one of the best pastimes for couples who are really into each other. You can dream together or you can plan your future house with every detail. You can even argue about it and then feel even happier when you get to a compromise. Planning the future is really exciting when you’re in love.

8.  You don’t have to hide or pretend

Everyone gets a cold or an upset stomach. When you’re with your soulmate, the runny nose and the bloodshot eyes are not something you have to hide, lest he should stop loving you. It’s fine to wake up all puffy, with your hair a mess, instead of going to extremes to try and look your best at all times, in sickness and in health. True love is not skin-deep, that’s all there is to it.

9. Love is a painkiller

This has been scientifically proven. Whenever you cuddle with your significant other, your body releases natural painkillers. Also, when you even look at a photo of him, this can heal your headache. So, if you had any doubts about the health benefits of true love, these are some of them. One more such benefit is that holding his hand can relieve stress and fear.

10. True love is a guarantee for happiness 

In the end, it’s all about happiness, isn’t it? Money can’t buy it and neither has success, if there’s one thing lacking, and that’s love. But if you have true love, you don’t need to be rich or famous, because you have what is most important. That and your health, but as we saw, love has the capacity to heal.

Are you looking for true love or you’ve already found The One?

Stay happy!

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