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10 Reasons Why Most Women Love Dating Gentlemen

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Bad boys may be all the rage these days but if we’re honest, we must admit that there is a special charm about a gentleman. There are also a lot of very real, practical, so to speak, advantages to dating a gentleman. Here are ten of them:

1. No violence 

A gentleman is by definition unlikely to resort to rude behavior or violence, if he doesn’t get his way. This means not just physical violence but also verbal. In other words, if you’re dating a gentleman you won’t risk being insulted or hit – a gentleman is a real man. By the way, a lot of “bad boys” are gentlemen in disguise.

2. No embarrassment 

Gentlemen are a low embarrassment risk commodity. They know when to stop drinking, for example, and the chances of a gentleman making a spectacle of himself in your presence or absence are minute. That’s what being a gentleman is all about, after all.

3. Parents love gentlemen

And, as you can see, with a very good reason. Of course, we’re talking about the real thing not about false veneer of politeness that some men put on and then take off, depending on the situation. With a real gentleman for a boyfriend you’ll never have to worry about those family visits. And he’ll never whine about them.

4. Gentlemen are reliable 

This is another defining characteristic of the real man. A gentleman is a self-respecting human being and as such would never allow the lady next to him to feel let down in any way. In case you think reliability is boring, think again.

5. He’ll make you feel like the lady you are

Let’s face it – we may be equal with (or even better than) men but this doesn’t mean that we’re not different. Few are those among us who dislike being treated in a way that shows them they are special for at least one man, that they are the most important person in his life.

6. He won’t forget an anniversary

Because he knows that anniversaries are important, he will make reminders for all the special dates in your life. On the other hand, if he knows you hate anniversaries, he’ll make sure not to mention them, rather than make you feel guilty for it.

7. He will respect you 

Being a gentleman is not about superficial politeness, holding doors open and suchlike. It’s about truly respecting the woman in his life, about seeing below the surface and appreciating everything that makes you the beautiful woman that you are.

8. No conflicts

Well, we admit this is a bit of an exaggeration, as no relationship is totally conflict-free, but a gentleman knows when to shut up – he knows when it’s pointless to argue with you. This, however, does not mean that gentlemen are spineless, they just know the right time and way to speak their mind.

9. Gentlemen are wise

Your gentleman boyfriend will never criticise you in a blunt way. He knows the difference between honesty and rudeness, and will never subject you to the latter. He will also not try to improve you, unlike the men who mistake themselves for a modern version of Pygmalion.

10. Gentlemen are not soppy

All this attention, making you feel special and not arguing with you when he knows it’s not worth it (mark this) may make you think that being a gentleman means being spineless and overly romantic. Not so – all this just means that the guy knows what’s important and what isn’t, and he focuses on the important things.

Do you know some other reasons why most women would love to date a gentleman?

Stay happy!

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