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10 Great Things To Help You Fall Asleep And Beat Insomnia

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If you are reading this you probably know well that sinking feeling you get when you look at your bedside clock and you realise that it’s 3.00am and you haven’t had a wink of sleep. Then, once you’ve realised that you haven’t had any sleep, things go from bad to worse and you keep on checking the clock, until it’s time to get up again! Insomnia is actually very common and most people suffer from it occasionally, so read these ten tips that will help you fall to sleep, on the nights that sleep seems like an impossible dream.

1. Try not to fret about it

The first thing that most people do, when they can’t sleep, is they start to get annoyed about it and, guess what? That isn’t going to help you get to sleep. The best thing you can do is to not worry about it all. You can go several nights without any sleep and, anyway, you probably have been dozing and didn’t even realise it.

2. Count sheep (Seriously, it does work)

Things to help you fall asleep shouldn’t necessarily be overly complicated. Sheep counting actually works for many people. You don’t necessarily have to count fluffy white sheep jumping over a gate, but focussing your mind on one thing can help to get you to sleep. Anything that you can focus your mind on will help, as it will stop your thoughts wandering on to more worrisome topics that might keep you awake.

3. Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool

If your bedroom is too warm or too light, then this will disrupt your sleep. Open a window to let some cool, fresh air in and make sure that the curtains are closed properly, so that no light from any street lamps outside, or any other sources, are bothering you.

4. Put your phone out of sight

Even that little flashing light on your phone can keep you awake at nights, so switch it off or put it away somewhere you can’t see it. Don’t leave it on vibrate either, or you won’t be able to resist the temptation to take a look, when you hear that faint buzzing sound in the background.

5. Have a cup of chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has some great relaxing properties and studies have proven that it can help reduce stress and anxiety. If you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, brew up a cup and it will help relax you and send you back to sleep.

6. Write down your worries

Sleeplessness is very often caused by worrying about what you have to do the next day. If you sit down before you go to bed and write down a plan of action for the following day, this can help put your mind to rest and stop you worrying in the night, and it’s one of the very effective things to help you fall asleep.

7. Don’t get up and eat

Eating will only restart your metabolism and digestive system and make you even more restless, so don’t raid the refrigerator, when you can’t sleep. Your body will think it’s getting breakfast and that’s the last thing you need.

8. Do some leg exercises

Most people would say that working out just before bedtime is not a good idea, but, apparently, a few easy squats or leg lifts can help you get to sleep. It is believed that a little gentle exercise of the legs diverts blood flow away from the brain and promotes restfulness.

9. Read a book

Flipping through a good book is another one of great things to help you fall asleep. Reading a few chapters of your favorite book will take your mind of any worries that you have and relax you. Read by a soft, bedside light, but don’t get up and turn all the main lights on or that will just keep you awake.

10. Just accept the fact!

You can’t will yourself to sleep, so if you can’t drop off, the best thing to do is just accept the fact. Once in a while, it won’t hurt you and if you stop worrying about it, you probably will drift off to sleep. If it does become a recurring problem though, you may need to consult a doctor.

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