10 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

10 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

By The Times of India on January 25, 2014

Cholesterol is a fat found in the blood and is necessary for production of hormones and functioning of membranes.

When it comes to good cholesterol, our body makes it with the help of correct diet. But when it comes to high cholesterol, you are at a high risk of heart disease and stroke.

We give you a list of high cholesterol foods that you should avoid especially if you care for your health.

Fried Eggs The Trent

1. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Egg yolk
According to healthaliciousness.com, “egg yolks have the most cholesterol of any food with 1234mg per 100 gram serving or 411% of the daily value . A single egg yolk will provide 210mg of cholesterol, while a whole egg provides slightly more with 212mg. Thus all the cholesterol in eggs is found in their yolks.” One needs cholesterol in moderation, so if you had an egg in the morning then avoid a bulky cheese burger for your lunch.

Beef liver with Pulao 3

2. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Liver
According to healthaliciousness.com, Cholesterol is produced by the hence liver dishes in itself are high on cholesterol. “The liver from most any meat will contain 564mg of cholesterol per 100 grams or 188% of the daily value.”

According to American Heart Association says no more than 300 mg of cholesterol for a healthy adult. Three ounces of cooked beef liver will give you 331 mg of cholesterol.


3. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Butter
According to healthaliciousness.com, we Indians love butter, its flowing everywhere, on our breads, cakes, parathas and Indian cuisines. “100 grams of butter packs 215mg (72% daily value) of cholesterol and one tablespoon contains 30mg (10% daily value).”

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4. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Shrimp 
According to healthaliciousness.com, “100 grams of shrimp will contain 195mg (65% daily value) of cholesterol. A single large shrimp contains 11mg (4% daily value) and an ounce of shrimp will provide around 55mg.

A few seafoods work great for you but there are few that are loaded with cholesterol. When opting for seafood go for boiled once then fried.

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5. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Chicken
Though chicken is a low fat meat option, the way it is cooked makes a lot of difference. One chicken leg with the skin has more fat and cholesterol than a cup of ice cream or a burger. The chicken skin on makes it a high-cholesterol food.

Cookies The Trent

6. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Fast foods 
According to healthaliciousness.com, “Fast foods, are packed with cholesterol. A chip, egg, and cheese biscuit will provide 172mg (57% daily value) per 100g serving, or 246mg (82% daily value) of cholesterol per biscuit.”

Trans fats turns all your snacks and fast foods into a high-cholesterol food. Trans fats are a result of adding hydrogen to vegetable oils, which are then used in many commercial baked goods or fried foods such as cookies, cakes, fries and potato chips.

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7. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Cheese
According to healthaliciousness.com, “A vegetarian source of protein, and also a good source of calcium, cheese is a tasty addition to most any dish. Cheese contains the most cholesterol with 123mg (41% daily value) per 100 gram serving. That is 21mg (7% daily value) per one inch cube.”


8. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Processed meats
According to healthaliciousness.com, “The amount of cholesterol in any processed meat depends on the cut used, and the amount of fat added during processing. In terms of meats, lamb and duck will contain the most cholesterol all things being equal.”


9. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Cheese burger
A big cheese burger has approximately has 175 mg of cholesterol. You might want to hold off fries and the shake, or better yet, order a plain burger instead.

Ice Cream The Trent

10. High cholesterol foods to avoid: Ice cream
According to everydayhealth.com, “Did you know that a single cup of ice cream has more fat than a hamburger and more cholesterol than 10 glazed doughnuts? Skip the scoop and try a cup of fresh fruit for dessert instead. Fruit is low in calories and high in the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients you really need — making it one of the best things you can eat for lower cholesterol.”

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