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10 Tips On How To Keep A Relationship Strong And Get More Quality Time Together

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Whether you only just started dating, or have been married for years, making sure that you spend quality time together, as a couple, is a vital part of what makes a relationship successful and happy.

Most people do understand the importance of making time for a relationship, but with so many other things going on in people’s lives, it’s a thing that is often neglected. Don’t be one of those who leaves too late to make their relationship a priority, read these ten tips on how you can get more of that all-important quality time together.

1. Get into a routine

Don’t be like ships that pass in the night, get into a daily routine where you have set times to be together. Make it a routine that you always have breakfast together at 7.30am, for example; and then, in the evening, the kids go to bed at 9.00pm and you have a glass of wine at 9.30pm. It might seem a bit cold, scheduling your time together like this, but in today’s busy world, it might be the only way to ensure that you share some quality time together.

2. Have a regular date night

Make one night a week, or one night a month, the night that you always go out on a date together. If you have a set date, it’s easier for you to schedule your diaries and it will be easier to find a regular babysitter too.

3. Find a hobby that you can do together

It is important that you have your own individual interests, but sharing a hobby can help bring you together. Find something that you would both enjoy, and make time in diaries to pursue that interest. Working together on a project will also help build the bonds between you.

4. Make the effort to be in the same room!

There is no reason for you to be in one room working on your computer, while your partner is in another room reading a book. Try and share work time together by organising your home, so that you can be together more often.

5. Stay in touch with technology

Texting and Facebook aren’t there just for the teens; you can use it to stay in touch too. Messaging through the day will keep you updated with what each of you are doing and you might even be able to find some unexpected moments, when you can get together for a coffee or for lunch.

6. Streamline your diary

Sit down together and work out where your time is going. Go through your diaries and see if you really need to do all those things that you do. Your relationship is important, so perhaps you should consider dropping one or two of the things that you do apart.

7. Do the chores together

It can be important to grab every opportunity you have and even the doing routine chores can be a chance for you to spend some time together. You can clean the house, wash the car, cook the meals and talk at the same time. Why waste that precious time doing different chores in different rooms?

8. Grab every second you can

It’s not going to kill you to be five minutes late for an appointment, so grab every second you can to be together. Even if you meet, when one of you is on the way out, and the other is on their way in, there’s still a chance for a five minute kiss and cuddle.

9. Don’t forget that there is lunchtime too

So, your other half works; you both get lunch breaks, don’t you? Don’t waste your lunch breaks with a sandwich at your desk, get out and meet your partner for lunch or a stroll around the park.

10. When you do get the time, make the most of it

With all the constraints on your time, it’s important that when you are together, you make that time count. Don’t get into the habit of coming home, watching a bit of TV and falling asleep. Switch off phones, tablets and the TV, and spend time talking and laughing together instead.

How to keep a relationship strong? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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