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14 Fashion And Beauty Hacks You’ve Likely Never Even Heard Of

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My friends like to call me “cheap” on our shopping trips, but I prefer the term minimalist. When I decide to go shopping for myself, I always research and plan what I’m going to, or need to buy, and then make sure I know fashion and beauty hacks to make the product last the longest (Do you know how to hang a sweater the right way? Probably not!). If I’m gonna spend a bunch of money on something, I like to know it will last longer than a month.

When I’m researching hacks, however, I quickly get frustrated with some out-of-the-box fashion hacks many beauty bloggers supply (Sorry, but I’m never going to apply tape on my face to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner.) I get even more frustrated with some tricks, and they turn out not working or, even worse, ruining my favorite new sweater. Or when a new beauty product runs out when I just know there’s some life still in that small bottle.

From one minimalist to another, here are 14 fashion and beauty tricks I’ve tried on my clothes or products, and have seen the desired results. Here’s to hoping you will no longer get rid of your favorite sweater all because of a stubborn deodorant stain.

1. Fold Your T-Shirts Like Your Favorite Store

Ah, yes. We all have that one tiny drawer stuffed with a million balled up T-shirts. When you pull one out to wear, it’s so wrinkly that it hurts your eyes. Years of working in retail have taught me there’s a science to how stores fold their T-shirt tables, and why it’s so important to make sure that table is looking nice at all times. Follow this guide to folding your shirt the correct way, so wrinkles won’t make you go searching for a whole new outfit. And if you need additional help, place a small rectangular cardboard square in the middle of the shirt, as a guide for folding the sleeves in.

2. Prevent Lipstick On Your Teeth

It’s absolutely the worst feeling ever to peek in a mirror after a significantly long conversation with someone and realize you had lipstick on your teeth the entire time. Ugh. The best way to prevent this is not to blot your lipstick on a napkin or be the weird girl who’s continuously licking her teeth. Instead, after you apply your lipstick, carefully wipe the danger areas away by sticking your finger in your mouth and pulling out.

3. Make Your Perfume Last All Day

Swiping a small amount of moisturizer on the places you apply your perfume to make it last longer. Beauty blogger, Michelle Phan swears by this trick, and she suggests Vaseline as the most effective.

4. Use Dryer Sheets To Get Rid Of Deodorant Stains

I’ve heard of using pantyhose or jeans, but the black/blue dye has always transferred to my shirts! This trick actually works, as long as you wet the dryer sheet first. Otherwise, a white film develops on the shirt and that’s even worse than the blue from your jeans.

5. Use Cards to Hang Up Skirts

I actually had to come across this idea the hard way. I didn’t understand why there were always dents in my skirts. Whenever I would get to work, I’d have to spend the whole day trying to hide them from the public eye. Turns out, the dents were from my hangers. Use playing cards, or a couple of index cards, to protect your skirts.

6. Tie The Strings Of Your Jackets And Hoodies Before Washing

Another one I had to figure out the hard way. In college, my study position was curled up on my couch, wearing my favorite oversized jacket with the hood up and tied. It was weird, but I got the best grades. Naturally, I was devastated the day those strings fell out of jacket in the washing machine. It seems like it would be common sense, but my mom enlightened me on the trick of tying my jacket strings before washing it.

7. Use a Razor to Remove Sweater Knots

My friends used to recommend pumice stones for this trick. You know, the kind you use to heal the cracks in your heel. But I could not imagine using something that wipes dead skin away from my feet on my sweater. If you brush lightly, a razor will literally shave away those knots. Just go slowly and careful, so as not to shave away the sweater completely.

8. The Right Way To Hang Sweaters

It’s always a fun feeling to realize you’ve been doing something wrong your whole life (Did you know the correct way to say “suggest” is “sug-jest?” Mind blown.) You’ve probably been hanging your sweaters up incorrectly your entire life. To prevent stretching out the neck and getting involuntary shoulder-pads, fold your sweater around the hanger, not draped over top.

9. Hang Your T-Shirts Correctly

Sometimes, there are a few “nice” T-shirts in your closet that are not on the same level as exercise T-shirts, so you have to hang them up (or is this just me?) Whatever the reason, hang up your T-shirt by pulling the bottom of the shirt over the hanger. This way, you won’t stretch out the neck by fitting the shirt around the hanger.

10. Use A Straightener To Iron Your Collars

I’m convinced it’s actually impossible to iron a collar using a traditional iron. Grab your hair straightener to create the perfect, straight creases on your collared shirt. Just don’t hold it there too long, especially if your flat iron only has one heat setting.

11. Roll Your Clothes In A Suitcase

This past summer, I had an internship in New York City. I was also in three weddings in Indiana over the course of the summer, so I was flying home often. The building I stayed in had a laundry room, but it was creepy and did not look like it would wash my clothes all that well. I came home with a lot of laundry each time I flew. But, to save money, I would only use a carry on. I became a pro of fitting the most amount of clothes in a carry on as possible. You can’t see ‘em all, but in the photo above I have a pair of pants, leggings, a sweater, a jacket and two T-shirts. If you roll, there’s room for more and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles!

12. Invest In A Shoe Rack

Not only is this great for organization, but it helps you remember what shoes you already own and what shoes you need. Hopefully, you won’t buy another pair of shoes you find in the back of your closet a couple weeks later (guilty).

13. Tie The Ends Of A Scarf Together To Make An Infinity Scarf

This is one of those tricks that makes you say “Why have I really never thought of this before?”

14. Use Cold Green Tea Bags To Reduce Puffiness

I don’t know what’s in green tea bags exactly, but it’s some sort of magic power. I don’t think there’s anything green tea can’t do.

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