Today, let me share with you some useful, motivational thoughts and life’s tips that will help to simplify and, probably, even change your life:

1) Find out what you like to do (what inspires you) and find time to do it every day.

2) Learn foreign languages – it will tremendously enrich your life.

3) Refuse to accept “rubbish” of any kind, whether it’s rubbish-food (or junk food), rubbish-drinks, smoking, etc…

4) Read books. Often, people stop learning after they leave school or university…but the most successful people in the world never stop learning and reading books.

5) Establish clear goals for your life: goals for a week, for a year, 5 year goals and 10 year goals…and write them down (it’s very important to write them down on paper…it’s too long to explain why, just trust me). Also, make sure you know the main priority and goal of your entire life.

6) Forget the past. For many people past failures hinder future successes. Let it not be so for you. Learn to forget or just ignore the past, by saying: “…and so what?!”; concentrate your energy in the present moment, joyfully contemplating the future…

7) Don’t waste your weekends, plan them and use this free time for growing in various areas of life, whether it’s mentally, creatively, physically or spiritually.

8) Never “kill” your time, because time is one of those precious things money can’t  buy…therefore, refuse computer games, stop spending endless hours on social media sites (such as Facebook, for example), and avoid pointless and goalless surfing online…Learn to treasure your time and use it purposefully.

9) Make a “News detox”. Yes, stop reading news every day. News are, usually, filled with negativity and made for “brain washing” of population to flood people’s minds with fear and worry. If you can’t cut down news from your life completely, you can try to go on a “news diet” and watch them sparingly.

10) Learn to wake up early. People who have this good habit tend to accomplish and, therefore, achieve significantly more than lovers of noon wake ups.

11) Try to surround yourself with honest, smart, optimistic, trustworthy and successful people, because we, human beings, tend to subconsciously imitate qualities of people with whom we spend most of our time. This is why, often, husband and wife look and behave similar…

12) Travel often. Some say that traveling is one of the best and most useful things money can buy. When we travel, we expand our mind’s borders and get enriched with new inspirations. If you don’t have an opportunity to travel far away, explore your country or, even, your city…go places you’ve never been before…

13) Refuse fear. Never be afraid, all the hindrances to your success live only inside your own mind.

14) Start doing some kind of sport or other physical activities, it will help boost your energy levels and, therefore, you will be able to accomplish a lot more…

15) Buy a camera and start capturing the beauty of this world.

16) Get rid of clutter. Throw away unnecessary goods from your home, like this you will have more free space and you might, even physically, start feeling lighter and more free.

17) Always give more (quality) than is asked from you. The more good you give the more good you will receive back (not necessarily from the same source where you are giving).

18) Learn to invest, because an investment makes things grow…whether it’s your time spent with loved ones, your money or your work.

19) “Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good” – this lesson was given to us by Jesus Christ. It’s so true! If we resist something – we only give it more of our energy, which helps this very thing grow. This is why Mother Theresa, for example, always said: “I will never attend an anti-war rally, if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

20) And finally, remember to smile everyday, it will bring abundant positive emotions into your world.

I hope you found it useful. Please, feel free to leave comments and share your own motivational thoughts.

Stay beautiful!

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