More and more mattress companies appear on the market every year, making it harder and harder for an average person to make a choice.

It gets even more difficult when dishonest companies step into the game.

Especially when they have a great marketing team.

So, how do you leave out the ads and distinguish a reliable brand you can safely buy from?

Below are a few tips to do that, as well as the names of three best mattress brands on today’s market.


What Makes a Good Mattress Company?

Thorough research is required before any purchase.

It’s even more important when it comes to buying a mattress, as it’s a long-term investment that will have an impact on your health.

The first step to avoiding disappointment is buying from a well-known, reputable mattress company, and there are four main components to it.

#1 History on the Market

The longer a company operates, the higher the chances are that it works decently.

Unreliable brands, as a rule, disappear from the market in one or two years.

It’s quite easy to check when the company was founded, through the Web search. Larger brands can be found on Wikipedia, or they may be mentioned in articles on online magazines and news platforms. With smaller ones, you should be more careful — look for reviews from someone who has already tried their products and try to track back to when the oldest review was published.

“Quick tip: Everyone loves sharing their achievements, such as certifications or awards. If a company doesn’t boast of anything of that kind on its website, then it might be a very young company, so be cautious.”

#2 Reputation

Reliable brands typically have a good reputation and nothing to hide from their customers.

It means that:

Some mattress brands try to rise above the competitors by creating a false image. For example, they can offer larger affiliate commissions for describing their products in a positive way, thus deceiving buyers.”

To minimize the chances of being deluded, do not trust reviews mentioning only the positive aspects and skipping the negative ones. Thus, you will get the full picture of the product.

#3 Customer Service

A trustworthy company will try to make the shopping process enjoyable and simple at all stages: from choosing the mattress to delivering it right to your door.

They will also take care of other processes such as:

  • disposing of the old mattress;
  • unboxing and installing the new mattress;
  • cleaning the debris after unboxing.

In some cases, it will require an additional fee, but it will also save you the hassle.

Now, customer-oriented companies always have outstanding customer service. That’s particularly important when it comes to returns, replacements, or other unpleasant issues that don’t let you be completely satisfied with your purchase.

What if you didn’t like your new mattress or noticed a defect?

Or, what if you received the wrong model by mistake?

You surely don’t want to be left alone and unable to reach the company’s representatives if any of such scenarios happen. That’s why it makes sense to look for reviews mentioning the experience of dealing with customer service.

“Quick tip: You can do that on any Amazon’s product page by typing such keywords as ‘customer service’, ‘return’, ‘refund, ‘scam’, etc. in the search query.”

#4 Returns & Warranty

Whether you’re buying a mattress online or at the store, it’s always a good idea to check the return policy and warranty conditions provided by the company.

Here’s the thing:

Online shopping doesn’t allow you to feel the product before buying it, and testing the mattress at the store can’t be compared to a full-night sleep on it.

This means, there’s always a chance that you won’t be comfortable on your chosen mattress after you start regularly sleeping on it.

That’s why reliable brands typically offer a long trial periodfrom 90 to 365 days — to compensate for this. Thus, if the mattress appears uncomfortable, you can simply return it and get a refund or a different model that is more suitable for you.

In addition, good companies also have a readable and clear warranty that covers at least half of the product’s lifespan. A longer warranty is a sign that the manufacturer believes in their product. Which means this product most likely is well-made and durable.

“According to sanitary standards on the mattress factories, any spills and stains will void your warranty. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a mattress protector.”

3 Best Mattress Brands (Based on Expert Reviews)

According to Happysleepyhead, three best mattress brands are the following:

Hybrid latex Nest mattress

Nest Bedding

Best for: client-oriented approach

The company has been on the market for almost a decade. It mostly sells online, but there also are several showrooms across the country, which means that you can come and test the mattress you liked to make sure it is the right one for you.

Aside from making great mattresses, Nest Bedding cares about customers by ensuring they have a positive shopping experience. There are a lot of reviews mentioning the company’s customer service does their best to have you satisfied with your purchase.

Leesa sleep matress

Leesa Sleep

Best for: social impact

If you want to buy a mattress with the best value for money, then Leesa is what you need. According to the client feedbacks and published online reviews, Leesa mattresses are really worth every dollar spent.

But that’s not it.

Strong social impact is one of the brand’s core values. Leesa helps those who cannot buy a bed on their own and donates mattresses to shelters, refugee centers, and other non-profits. They also volunteer at different charities and make their contribution to preserving nature by planting one tree for every mattress sold.

Helix Sleep

Helix Sleep

Best for: customization

This brand is focused on the idea that every sleeper is unique.

They have a deep assortment that includes mattresses for all kinds of sleepers, literary. Some models can help you deal with neck and back pain while others are designed for different sleep positions.

To make it easier to choose among so many options, the company offers you to take a simple quiz on their site. The questions are focused on figuring out your unique sleeping needs, so the algorithm eventually finds a mattress that will suit you best.


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