4 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With CBD

4 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With CBD

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on March 19, 2019
Cannabis cooking oil
Cannabis cooking oil

CBD is one of the biggest trends these days in a variety of industries. People are taking it to relax after work, without getting high the way that they would with regular marijuana, and using it mixed into their skincare creams. CBD oil can be consumed with foods (for example, in a relaxing latte), while some smoke it through a vaporizer because they enjoy the feeling that’s close to smoking more. If you’re new to CBD, however, then you might be using it wrong, which can end up wasting your money or making you feel worse than you meant to.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of common horrible mistakes people make while using CBD. Read on to learn more so you can get all the CBD benefits you want, without using it the wrong way.

1. Buying low-quality CBD oil

So many people are buying CBD oil right now, that it’s easy to buy low-quality stuff. Because it’s a relatively new product, it’s not like there are trusted brand names yet, which means that you could end up buying CBD for pain relief and getting nothing out of it. According to Gear and Training:

Taking any [dispensary] by their word would be a mistake. You have to ensure that whatever they have is safe and of high quality. For instance, their CBD products should not have toxic ingredients. With hemp being a bioaccumularor, it absorbs toxins from the soil, water, and the atmosphere. You should ensure that the manufacturer grows their hemp organically.”

Luckily, you can do your research by taking a look at lists describing the best CBD oil and asking companies for more information. Do your research on forums and Facebook groups where users discuss what they’ve used and why it works for them. Remember: this is a $1 billion industry, so lots of people are going to try to take advantage of ignorant buyers.

2. Getting high by accident

Many people choose to buy CBD oil because it has many of the same benefits as marijuana – for example, using CBD for pain reliefwithout the side effect of getting high. But if you buy low-quality CBD that hasn’t been extracted properly, you can end up feeling high. This could have disastrous effects if, say, you took CBD to calm your anxiety before giving an important presentation at work.

Luckily, doing your research is a great way of avoiding this. As stated above, make sure you do your research when buying. Check out the company’s website, and read user reviews. Chances are oil that’s slightly pricier is going to be higher quality–and it’s worth paying for considering that THC levels (what gets you high) might be unpredictable in cheaper products. It’s expected that, in the year 2020, CBD consumer sales will total around $1.15 billion, so by then we might have a better idea of what products are best. For now, however, learn what you can before you buy.

3. Not using the right dosage

When you buy a new product like CBD, it can be fun to add a lot of it to something you’re cooking or having some extra drops to feel relaxed before you go to bed. But just like with any drug, prescribed or homeopathic, you need to know what amount is right. Take what’s suggested by the company first–or even less, if you tend to experience placebo effects strongly or you’re sensitive to drugs.

Once you’ve taken that amount, keep track of how you feel with that dosage, and slowly add over time. Take note of how you’re consuming it, too, because vaping versus consuming edibles is a different experience. The US hemp industry grew to $820 million in sales in 2017, so the more products the marijuana-related industry starts to include, the more you’ll want to take notes about the different ways you take CBD.

4. Using CBD incorrectly

There are lots of CBD products out there being used to treat a variety of ailments, from anxiety to skin problems to muscle pain, and you can’t replace one with the other. For example, vaping edible oil, which is meant for cooking is a total waste. Nearly half of people who use cannabidiol oil stop taking traditional medicines–and you can do the same if you’re using CBD properly.

These are some of the most common mistakes that people make with CBD. By avoiding making these mistakes, you can have a positive experience with CBD products. What kinds of CBD products are you thinking of using, and how will they improve your life?


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