3 Major Reasons For The Growth Of The Vaping Industry

3 Major Reasons For The Growth Of The Vaping Industry

By Lifestyles | The Trent on January 28, 2019

Vaping is extremely popular nowadays. Almost all people around you use vaporizers. Why is it happening? That is popular and most people like being in fashion. Some people vape even though they do not want to. The thing is that any new activity becomes popular not because it is good, pleasant and well-advertised, but because of the mouth of word advertising. Our society influences our lives more than we can even imagine. People tend to consult with others on almost everything in their lives. Starting from which model of a car to buy and ending with the color of a toothbrush.

People, who work in sales say that most of the products have become so popular just because of this type of advertising. They say that you need to produce the first lot of high quality of any product and make a small advertising company. After this, any person, who use it, would advise it to friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors. This makes the domino effect, meaning the information spreads until everyone knows it.

The interesting questions here are “Why people started advising vapes to their friends?” and “What are the factors that showcase this popularity of vapes?”.

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When was e-cig first used?

If we talk about modern vaporizers and e-cigs, we shall mention Chinese company Hon Lik, which produced the first modern e-cigs in 2000 and something. Their devices become the starting point in vaping, as we understand this industry now, with all these cartridges and tanks for e-liquid and vapor juices. However, if we talk about the history, the origin of e-cig goes back to 1927, when Joseph Robinson came up with the idea of a prototype of the e-cigarette. Then, in 1963, Herbert Gilbert introduced “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”, which became quite popular at that time and brought great sums of money to its producer. As we can see, the tendency to advertise an alternative to regular cigs is not new.

How vaping is spreading among teenagers and young people?

Unfortunately, one of the ways of popularization vapes is the influence of powerful equals in age. Teens, who study at school or attend college, tend to try to become the most influential boy or the most beautiful girl in their circle of contacts. If they see that older students vape, they try to do the same to feel more power among equals in age. They decide to buy the same (or better) models, the same flavor of vape juices. This influence is powerful because psychological peculiarities of their age and lack of courage to say ‘no’.

The other reason to vape is also the pleasure that teens get from it. They like being popular, they like these tasty flavors of vape juice (check it out), which may be very different, sometimes even childish, e.g., vanilla, caramel, unicorn, strawberry, ice cream, etc. The problem is that children usually do not have enough money for the best e-liquids and buy cheap vape juice, which may contain plenty of cancerogenic chemicals. Teens also like the haze produced from vapors.

Photo by nappy from Pexels
Photo by nappy from Pexels

When teens become older, they may understand that vaping is an unhealthy lifestyle, but most of them already are on the hook of nicotine. There are three main ways for people, who started vaping being a child. First is that they would give up vaping, but this happens somewhat rare. Important also is that their health is usually already not good after vaping in such a young age. Second, people try to give up vaping, but being obsessed with nicotine may switch to cigarettes or become double smokers. Third are people, who cannot give up vaping, they may decrease the dosage, but vaping had already become a part of their everyday routine.

The answer why people still use it is simple. People cannot give up the device, which makes them popular. Especially men. They need this feeling of power for their ego. The conclusion is that the vaping industry plays off people’s feelings and values. All the people around us and we aim fame. We want to be famous. We want to be spoken about. Be wat to be in trend. Everyone is somehow dependent on the opinion of society. This makes people vulnerable to those kinds of manipulative advertisements, which appeal to your status in the community. Vape industry often uses it, and this brings her money and popularity.

Having found the answer why is vaping so popular among the society; we can understand why is it so popular to invest in the vaping industry?

Businesspersons, politicians, actors, and writers invest money in vaping even though they may not use vape pens by themselves. Why is this happening? Well, we can talk about ‘popularity’ and ‘fashion’ when we talk about the use of these products. However, people in business rarely follow the trend. They count money. The possibility to earn money is the engine of their investments. People in a business like profitable things. Vapes are one of them. Hundreds and thousands of people work in the industry of vaping and starting from factory workers, who produce and assemble vape pens and ending with those, who earn money by reselling vapes bought from the supplies tripling the price via the Internet.

Vaping is presented as a healthy alternative to smoking. This is the grounding stone of the industry. Producers and retailers appeal to people’s emotions and pursue being healthy. This is unfair, because vaping may cause plenty of diseases. Scientists, who research the influence of different vapor juices and vaping as a whole say that money made from selling vapes cost thousands of lives.

During recent decades, the strategies of marketing and sales were changed because of the Internet. Now you can see ads and buy goods everywhere. On usual websites, private Instagram profiles, via Facebook or through some online retails. Enterprises make money off of any favorite things. They come up with new strategies and make you buy that vape, which costs an arm and a leg. The other profitable establishments are specialized vape shops and even vape cafes. Owners of vaping industry try to make vaping not only a habit for people but to create a particular long-termed culture.

Nowadays it is easy to sell things, which are trendy. That is why people from vaping industry cooperate with PR-companies and launch one advertising campaign after another. They organize different associations to support and promote the interests of the vaping industry, the main tasks of which are educating people of advantages of vaping, negotiating with governments to make vaping legal in all countries, increasing stakeholder’s confidence in the vape products. These tasks seem to be usual for any industry, but they contain a lot of lies and manipulations. These are the reasons for people in the vaping industry to be so well-paid and interested in retaining their power on the market.

Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.


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