4 Tools That Will Make Your Gardening Work Easier Than Ever

4 Tools That Will Make Your Gardening Work Easier Than Ever

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on November 2, 2018
garden gardening tools

Keeping a garden is a wonderful pastime and the perfect way to unwind. It’s also an environmentally friendly and economic method to grow herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, and even flowers for gifts during the holidays. Although, gardening is be incredibly time consuming and strenuous work that can cause aches, pains, and strains, especially in individuals who are older.

This is why there are so many new innovative gardening tools available to help individuals garden easier, safer, and more efficiently. No one should have to give up this wonderful time out in nature just because the work has become too tiresome. Here are some of the best new tools to use to make gardening doable again.

garden gardening tools

1. Garden Seats and Scooters 

One of the most difficult parts of gardening that can put the most strain on the muscles and joints is the constant crouching, leaning, and traversing while gardening. This is why one of the most highly anticipated new tools has been the garden scooter.

These devices come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, but most of them have the same general structure of a comfortable seat, four all-terrain wheels for sophisticated, steady movement without bumps or jumps, and storage areas to keep your other tools, seeds, and even water bottles or coffee cups.

The best part about many of these seats and scooters is that they are height adjustable, so they can bring you as close or as far away from the ground as needed. The ergonomic seats make it incredibly comfortable to sit for long periods of time while gardening so that the only sweating you’ll be doing is from the heat.

2. Backpack Blower 

Yard or garden clearing can be the most strenuous task of gardening, especially if you are utilizing a rake or other manual instrument. One of the biggest new innovations in gardening tools is the leaf blower. These devices don’t have to be handheld anymore, and can actually be mounted on backpacks so that the majority of weight is able to rest over your core muscles rather than solely on your arms.

Rather than straining to carry a leaf blower around, many individuals have tried and have spoken highly of the backpack leaf blower for its increased power capacity and increased mobility in the garden or yard.

garden gardening tools

 3. Reaching Tools

When you’re down on your knees in the garden, reaching around and picking things up, pulling weeds, or moving dirt can be strenuous. The best tool to help deal with reaching around and grabbing items rather than standing and kneeling and crouching, which places strain on your muscles, are the wonderfully designed slew of reaching tools that have recently hit the market.

The handy grabber and other such tools have adjustable sizes so that they can extend or contract to fit they space they occupy and to help you work efficiently. The ergonomic handles on these tools make them easy and comfortable to hold and manoeuvre for long periods of time, especially for individuals with arthritis or other muscle pains and strains.

 4. Row Planters

Row planters are one of the newest innovations in technology for gardening more efficiently and effectively. This device helps to sow rows of crops in less time with less bending and straining. Once the device is prepped, a process that is fast and simple, all that needs to be done is to stroll through the garden holding it out in front of you.

Row planters allow for effective planting without having to stop and bend over every few seconds, which can become incredibly strenuous after a period of time. These devices are also height adjustable to match your size and height, and can hold a wide variety of types of seeds so that you can seed your garden with just about any fruit, vegetable, or flower that you desire.


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