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45 Very Useful Lessons Of Life Everyone Must Know

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Life lessons are numerous and it’s possible to write till infinity on this subject. Let me share with you 45 life lessons that I find very useful:

1) Every time you make a mistake – you are closer to your goal.

2) If this was easy, everyone would do it!

3) Get rid of clutter, throw away things that aren’t useful, don’t buy stuff you don’t need.

4) Don’t compare yourself and your life to other people’s. You don’t know what their life is about.

5) Nothing can hold you back except – yourself.

6) Drink that bottle of champagne, burn those candles, wear your best lingerie, eat form those beautiful plates…don’t save it all for special occasion. Life is all about the present moment and today!

7) Your thoughts create your reality. Chose right ones.

8) Your best compass in life is your heart.

9) Smile often, learn to smile to strangers.

10) In front of a big problem or worry, ask yourself this question: “Will this matter in 10 years time?”

11) Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, what they think is their own business.

12) Don’t take yourself too seriously, take time to laugh and play.

13) If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

14) Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

15) Don’s wait till the storm of life passes, learn to dance in the rain.

16) Be kind to people, but most importantly – to yourself.

17) Don’t be pushed by your worries, be led by your dreams.

18) Happiness isn’t going to happen when you achieve your goals, you can have it right now! Happiness is an internal state and choice, your happiness depends on no one else, but you.

19) Be grateful, celebrate things that you do have and you will get more reasons to be grateful for.

20) The source of all anxiety and worry is living in the past or in the future, chose to enjoy the present moment and you will find happiness.

21) Love, accept and support yourself, be your own best friend.

22) Being kind is better than being right.

23) If you wake up every morning thinking: “Life is joy filled with wonderful surprises”, there is an incredibly big chance that you will be right.

24) When you will be at the end of your earthly journey, the only thing that will matter is that you loved…

25) Don’t wait till you are old, be eccentric now, wear this bright nail polish and bright clothes that you always wanted to wear!

26) If you go through hell – keep on going.

27) An eye for an eye would make all people blind. So, forgive. Also, when you forgive you set a prisoner free, and the prisoner was you.

28) The one who seeks – finds. The one who doesn’t seek – doesn’t find.

29) We are creatures of a habit. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

30) If you are unhappy with where you are in life and what you are doing – change it!

31) Say “I love you” to your loved ones as often as you can.

32) Respect everyone.

33) Give to your loved ones the most precious thing you have – your time. Keep your family on the first place.

34) Failures are only lessons.

35) People’s actions talk louder than words.

36) Marry your best friend.

37) Make pictures…someday, you’ll be happy you did.

38) Never give up.

39) Replace “I can’t” with “I can”.

40) Always remember: “The best is yet to come.”

41) Do more of things that make you lose track of time.

42) When you appreciate what you have, then what you have increases in value.

43) It’s better to be alone, than to be in a bad company.

44) Let go of things you can’t change, focus on those you can.

45) The biggest obstacles you have are those that you create yourself in your mind.

Please, share your thoughts with me in the comment’s section.

Stay happy!

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