Tip Of The Day: Allow Yourself To Be Happy

Tip Of The Day: Allow Yourself To Be Happy

By Beauty And Tips on July 22, 2015
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Today, let me share with you a short, but very meaningful story that might give you a glimpse into the subject of happiness…Let’s begin:

Once upon a time a wise man was walking down the road, enjoying beautiful weather, sunshine and lovely nature…Suddenly, he noticed a man, who was carrying a very heavy burden on his back, sweating and sighing all the time. The wise man asked him:

– Why are you suffering this way and what is this heavy load that you carry on your back?

– I suffer for the happiness of my children and grand children, – answered the man. – My grand father was suffering for the happiness of my father; my father was suffering for my happiness…and now, – he said – I do the same and suffer for the happiness of my children, so that they might be happy!

– So…was there any person in your family, actually, ever happy? – asked the wise man.

– Hmm…no. But my children will definitely be happy! – answered sighing man.

– It’s impossible for a chicken to raise an eagle, nor can a sheep teach a lion! – answered the wise man, – learn first to be happy yourself, just allow it to be, and then, you will understand how to teach happiness to your children and grandchildren. This will be the most valuable gift you can ever present them with!

So, let us allow ourselves to be happy today!

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