5 Ways To Save Money On Vape Juice

5 Ways To Save Money On Vape Juice

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You have always had a sinking suspicion that you’re probably paying too much for e-liquid, and we’re about to confirm that suspicion. If you shop online for vape juice by adding products to your cart at their full retail prices and clicking right over to the checkout page, you are definitely spending more on vape juice than you should.

These days, vape juice tends to ship in big bottles, and that makes e-liquid more affordable than ever – but wouldn’t you like to save even more money when you shop for vape gear? Saving just a few extra dollars means that you’ll have more left in your account at the end of each month, and it also means that you’ll be able to add a few extra bottles to your cart when you do buy e-liquid. How would you like to get an additional bottle of vape juice – every time you shop – without paying more for vape gear than you currently do? Sounds like a great idea to us!

So, are you getting the best possible deal every time you buy e-liquid online? Chances are that there are a few money-saving avenues that you haven’t explored yet. In this article, we’re going to share five great ways to save money on vape juice. Cheap vaping is the best kind of vaping!

Always Use Vape Coupon Codes

The best way to save money on e-liquid is by always using vape coupon codes when you buy. Coupon codes are absolutely ubiquitous in the vaping industry. Consumers know that online vape shops have plenty of wiggle room on pricing, and that means they’re probably paying too much if they shop without using coupon codes. Vape shop owners understand the consumer’s mindset, and they know that if they don’t offer coupons, they’re probably going to miss out on sales. In short, you can almost always find a valid coupon when shopping for vape gear if you spend a bit of time looking.

Some retailers want to make their coupon codes as obvious as possible, so they’ll place prominent links at the top of each page to help buyers find the discounts easily. In other cases, coupon codes may not be so easy to find. If you’re unable to find a coupon code for a specific vape shop, try searching the website for the word “coupon” or scanning the vape shop’s social media pages.

Buy Whatever Is on Sale

Every great vape shop has a clearance section in which they offer cheap e-liquids at prices that they’ve steeply discounted for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes, an e-liquid goes on clearance simply because the seller thinks that the e-liquid deserves to get a bit more attention. Other times, vape shops put entire lines of e-liquid on sale because the makers of those lines are preparing to make major product changes. We’ll discuss that in more detail shortly. If you’re not choosy about buying a particular e-liquid brand or a particular flavor profile, you’ll always pay less than the regular retail prices for vape juice if you always buy whatever is on sale.

Look for Bargains on Nicotine-Free E-Liquid

Many vape shop owners have complained about the fact that they need to stock nicotine-free e-liquid. They have to carry it because there’s a significant number of vapers in the world who only use nicotine-free vape juice. The problem, though, is that nicotine-free e-liquids spend a lot of time on the shelf because the majority of those who vape do use nicotine. Sometimes, in fact, vape shops sell their nicotine-free e-liquids at incredibly low prices because those e-liquids are nearing their expiration dates.

If you don’t use nicotine-free e-liquid, your immediate reaction might be to ignore those clearance sales. Why would you bother buying cheap 0 mg e-liquid, after all, if that isn’t what you actually use? If you plan ahead, though, buying nicotine-free e-liquid on clearance can actually slash your vaping expenses.

Let’s suppose that your normal e-liquid nicotine strength is 3 mg, and you find the nicotine-free version of your favorite e-liquid on clearance at a great price. All that you need to do is buy another bottle of that same e-liquid with a strength of 6 mg. Mix the two bottles together, and you’ll have twice as much e-liquid in your normal 3 mg nicotine strength.

Join Your Favorite Vape Shops’ Mailing Lists

Every vape shop worth its salt has a mailing list that it uses to announce periodic sales to its customers. You should join your favorite vape shops’ mailing lists because some amazing deals may sometimes appear – and when they do, it’s usually the mailing list subscribers who will find out first. If you often find yourself viewing the clearance page on your favorite vape shop’s website and seeing that all the best deals are already sold out, it’s safe to say that the vape shop’s mailing list subscribers are finding out about the sales and grabbing those cheap e-liquids before someone else can.

Buy Discontinued E-Liquids

Have you ever noticed when an e-liquid company has undergone a sudden packaging change? Sometimes, e-liquid brands switch from glass to plastic bottles. Other times, they switch from smaller bottles to larger ones. E-liquid companies across the industry have ditched their cartoon character mascots and food-like product labels over the past year. Whenever an e-liquid company makes a major product change like that, something has to be done with the discontinued products. Vape shops around the world put those products on clearance to get them moved out quickly.

If you know an e-liquid company is about to make a major change, do a bit of searching to find out who is putting their old stocks on clearance. If you want to get an even better deal, try calling vape shops and offering them a lump sum to buy out their entire stock. Someone might accept your offer because it’s much easier to ship many bottles to one buyer than it is to ship individual bottles to dozens of buyers.


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