6 Simple Exercises For A Stronger Physique

6 Simple Exercises For A Stronger Physique

By The Times of India on March 6, 2014
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Not many believe it, but you don’t need barbells, dumbbells or machines to build muscle, or for that matter, garner strength. In fact, weight-training equipment often inhibits the process. That’s because it requires you to be in a specific location, say fitness experts. It is best to utilise your own body. Here are six exercises that’ll help you build a stronger physique, without weights.


1. Scissor jacks


Stand with feet your together, arms by sides. Jump up and bring right foot forward and left foot back as left arm swings up by ear and right swings arm back. Land slowly and then immediately jump again, quickly switching feet and arms like a scissor. That’s one repetition. Do 20 quick reps. This cardio move works the entire body.    
2. Table
Sit with knees bent and feet hip width apart with hands behind body, fingertips facing in to hips. Hold your abs tight, lift the hips off the floor in line with knees and shoulders. Hold for one count and then return to start. This exercise works the glutes with a major emphasis on the core.3. Rotating reach
Stand with feet hip width, knees bent and arms by sides. Turn body to the right, bending knees and lifting left heel off the floor, reaching left arm down to the floor, bending right elbow back behind body (left). Quickly stand and rotate to the left, extending legs as right arm presses up and to the left, lifting right heel off the floor and bending left elbow behind body (right). Do 10 reps; repeat on opposite side. This targets the core, arms and legs.4. Oblique crunch
Stand with feet hip width, knees slightly bent and hands clasped behind head. Brace abs in tight, and keeping elbows open to the sides, lift right knee and twist left shoulder towards leg. Return to start and immediately repeat on opposite side. That’s one rep. Do 10 repetitions. This exercise also helps improve balance and coordination.

5. Narrow squats
Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Bend knees and sit back into hips (imagine sitting back into a chair), squeezing knees together to engage the inner thighs as arms reach overhead with palms facing in. Form tip: keep chin down towards chest and try to bring arms to the outside of ears to avoid neck strain. Return to start. That’s one rep. Do 20 repetitions. This builds leg, core, shoulder and upper back strength.

6. Glute bridge
Lie on back with knees bent, hip width apart, feet flexed and arms by sides with palms pressed into the floor. Brace abs in tight and lift hips up, squeezing glutes as pelvis lifts. Hold for one count, and then lower to start. That’s one rep. Do 20 repetitions. This betterbooty move is also great for strengthening the core.

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