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Khloe Kardashian Wows Fans With New Trim Look (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian was the Kardashian sister that used to be called "the big one" or "the fat one ". But this is no more...

8 Simple Exercises That Will Give You A Great Butt

1. Squats Improving your posterior is a much simpler task than you might think. Many women think that endlessly running like a gerbil will give...

Sexy And They Know It: Meet The Top 10 Celebrity Spornosexuals (PHOTOS)

The writer who first coined the term ‘metrosexual’, Mark Simpson, has heralded the rise of the ‘spornosexual’ - a social media- and selfie-obsessed male...

6 Simple Exercises For A Stronger Physique

Not many believe it, but you don't need barbells, dumbbells or machines to build muscle, or for that matter, garner strength. In fact, weight-training...

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