6 Foods That Keep You Up All Night Long

6 Foods That Keep You Up All Night Long

By Lifestyles | The Trent on March 12, 2014
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The day-to-day grind of this world makes it necessary for us to hit the sack as a way of taking a retreat. However, you may not sleep a wink if your meals of the day are not in apple-pie order. Though this may be deliberate, sometimes we may stay up at night because of heartburns or indigestion due to overeating or eating insomnia-related foods unknowingly. Here are a few examples of foods and drinks that may keep you up at night.

1. Caffeinated drinks and foods

Drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and Ginseng tea are essential in burning the midnight oil. For most people, caffeine leads to anxiety and diarrhea. It makes others jittery and restless. The divine-relationship between women and dark chocolates does not come without side effects, as chocolate contains about 35% of caffeine. Theobromine, a major cause of insomnia is also contained in chocolates. Some over-the-counter drugs also contain caffeine. It is important to note that caffeine mainly affects caffeine-sensitive people, as some people may consume caffeinated drinks and sleep like a log.

2. Spicy and greasy foods

Spices are known for their ability to enhance the taste of food. However, they are also notorious for sleeplessness, as they cause heartburns, nausea, high body temperature and discomforts. Most spices also contain acids that are not just hazardous to ones health but also contain reflux, a major cause of sleeplessness. Onions, chili and garlic top the list of insomnia-related spices. Tomatoes are crucial in making a mouth-watering meal but they also lead to sleeplessness. For this reason, tomato-based meals should be consumed a few hours before sleeping to prevent tossing and turning for the entire night.

3. Alcohol

It is a well-known fact that alcohol causes drowsiness. However, most alcoholics can attest that they hardly sleep when drunk. This is because any alcoholic drink alters the sleep cycle because metabolizing alcohol is not a piece of cake for the body. Wine and beer also impairs restoration of the body and mind while one is asleep. Indeed, life’s not all beer and skittles.

4. Fluids

Fluids form about 80% of our bodies by composition. This notwithstanding, taking a lot of fluids makes it difficult to sleep. For instance, taking too much water may keep you awake for long hours. In the same vein, coffee and other caffeinated drinks are also fluids. For this reason, fluids should be consumed in fine moderation for those who love sleeping.

5. High-protein foods

Most people indulge in high-protein diets oblivious of the sleeplessness that is associated with any high-protein food. For instance, steak is digested slowly, interrupting the sleeping routine. It may also cause sleeping apnea, further adding an insult to the injury. Proteins also inhibit the normal functioning of serotonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. For this reason, if you work at night or you need to remain awake at night as you prepare for an important examination, French fries and other protein-laden foods will do the trick for you.

6. Fermented foods

Fermented foods contain amino acids and Tyramine that keeps the mind stimulated for a long time at night. Aged cheese, bacon, ham and smoked fish exemplify this. On the same note, sugary foods also go a long way in interrupting the smooth sleeping routine if they are slightly fermented.

The aforementioned foods and drinks make sleeping a nightmare for most people. For others, it may not be the same as sleeping patterns vary from individual to individual. Nonetheless, these foods and drinks need to be consumed, since they are nutritionally important. We only need to eat them at the right time and in the right amounts.

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