6 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Weakness And Fatigue

6 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Weakness And Fatigue

By Mike Cardoza | Lifestyle Contributor on September 24, 2020
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We all know the age-old remedy for weakness and fatigue during the day, have a snack! Sadly, there isn’t as much truth to it.

Weakness and fatigue can either be because of an unhealthy habit or an underlying condition depending on its duration. If you’ve been feeling fatigued for several months now then seeing a doctor will be the best-recommended thing to do. But if you have random episodes of weakness that make you go through the day a real struggle, then a few tweaks in your routine might help you out.

Here are some self-help tips that have worked perfectly for me to be energetic and lively. They are not a one size fits all, pick what you like, and make alterations as you please.


Breakfast Is Everything!

What can be a better start to a day than a fulfilling breakfast?

A bowl of cereal and a cup of non-brewed coffee surely seems to be an attractive choice but isn’t exactly a healthy one. If you’re running late for work every day and that makes you miss your breakfast, then it’s time to make some changes about the time that you hit the bed.

Having high-fiber food items in breakfast like hot-oatmeal and bananas or peanut butter sandwiches with berries will give you a continuous supply of energy throughout the day. Since food items high in fiber are slow-digesting foods, you will have a more sustained energy level rather than the short-lived boosts of coffee and high-sugar foods.

To make your day even better, spending a couple of hours between waking up and breakfast is going to increase your productivity and boost your energy levels. Doing the quick daily chores or working out in the morning before breakfast will have you against fewer chores. Also, you will have plenty of energy to do little work.

Breakfast! It’s not the most important meal of the day for nothing.


Get Moving!

If feeling weak and fatigued is what brought you here then working out is probably the last thing on your mind right now. But it helps you more than you know in the long run. You don’t have to start following two hours at the gym six days a week, but at least 30 minutes of a brisk walk, cycling, or mild running will help.

Starting as low as ten minutes of daily activity will help you build a habit, after which you can reach a minimum of 2.5 hours of activity a week.

During a workout, your body is pumped with oxygen-rich blood that reaches every muscle and tissue. You will start feeling a difference during the first week and it’s all an uphill journey from there. Coupling up with a partner for the gym or taking out the exact time every day for it will help you get started and stay focused.

Working out helps your muscles develop the strength to carry you more lightly. And it also helps you stay healthy and develop immunity to many different illnesses.

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Get Enough Sleep

Yes, we do hear stories of multi-billionaires having as little as four hours of sleep during a day, but that truly is not for everyone. A major reason why you feel weak and fatigued during the day might be because you are getting much less than the recommended hours of sleep during a day.

Based on your activity and age-group, look up your recommended hours of sleep, and follow the schedule. As much as sleep is important, making sure it is quality sleep plays an equal role in having you charged up for the day.

Several different studies suggest sleeping in a single go, early in the night is much better than taking a nap in the afternoon and sleeping late at night. Other than this, there are several other ways to increase the quality of your sleep.

Avoid drinking a couple of hours before going to sleep as. Even if you sleep for a complete 8 hours after a night drinking, you will still be feeling exhausted the next day. Allowing yourself some relaxation time before going to sleep is also going to help you go to sleep quicker and have a night of quality sleep.

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Your Diet Reflects Your Mood

Other than breakfast, what you consume through the days has a lot to do with your energy levels. In a pursuit to keep the blood-sugar levels elevated, we are always tempted to have a quick bite of a bar of chocolate or to have a cup of coffee. But they are more like momentary boosts that leave you even more depleted of energy when the effects wear off.

Dividing your day into small and easily digestible meals every 3-4 hours will bring about a positive change in your mood. This happens because your body uses up less energy to digest the food and the energy is released fairly easily and continuously.

You can also use some herbal stimulants to boost your energy. White Thai Kratom or the smell of cinnamon sticks and mint can help you stay up and fresh.

Avoid drinking sodas, high-sugar, and high-fat content foods and leave them for a cheat day of the weak. This way you’ll have enough energy and also enjoy the most out of the savory meals when you have to.

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Stay Hydrated

We often underestimate the importance of staying hydrated

It certainly does not mean to stick hard and fast to the eight glasses a day routine. But getting up and going for a glass of water after an hour or so at work will help you divert your mind and stay hydrated. The best indication of a well-hydrated body is when your urine is light in color.

If you get tired of the bland flavor of water just try having some herbal tea or lemon and mint infused water.

It is particularly important if you have working out as a part of your routine. Your body uses up a lot of water and it needs to have it replaced at regular intervals.

So the next time you’re feeling a little down, having a glass of water might just do the trick!

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Take Out Time To Calm Yourself

Often in the rush and hum of the day, we take little to no time out for ourselves. Studies show that doing what you love or relaxing for a specific time every day helps you stay happier and more energetic.

Taking time out for yourself can mean anything from jamming to your favorite tunes or reading a book in the evening. It works by taking your mind off the stressful things of the day and use up the energy to do something you love.

You feel more connected to your life and will develop a better work-life balance. Once you can find the sweet spot between work and life, you will be able to have a much higher energy level during the day.

A strong reason for weakness and fatigue is also being detached from your basic emotions and hobbies. Because when you stop doing what you love, everything starts to feel like a compulsion and there is no room for motivation. Go on vacation, swim, surfing, skiing, fishing, or hunting, as long as it’s something you truly enjoy.


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