6 Skills That Are Improved By Playing Drums

6 Skills That Are Improved By Playing Drums

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on December 11, 2018

It is often said that learning to play a musical instrument will allow you to succeed at many different things that you may not think would be affected by musical talent.

For example, the practice of any instrument provides the musician with the ability to be responsible and free-thinking.

Playing any instrument has numerous benefits to a person’s skill-set, and luckily drums are not hard to come by. By getting a drum set at DCP, which is the best shop to buy a drum set the Drum Center of Portsmouth, you can greatly improve many of your skills, from your rhythm to your physical fitness level.

Here are just six of the many skills that are improved by playing the drums.

drums music skills

Develop Social Skills

Playing the drums has proven to make it easier to communicate with peers. With practice in how to express emotions without using words, drumming greatly impacts one’s ability to read non-verbal cues given by peers.

Another way that the drums develop a person’s social skills is by allowing them to branch out and make friends. It can be difficult to find something in common with peers, but with the ability to play the drums, especially if you play in a band or receive tutoring, you’ll be in touch with like-minded people.

From high school marching bands to drum circles, it is much easier to make and communicate with friends when you play an instrument.

Physical Fitness

While most would not think to take up an instrument when they want to improve their physical fitness, drumming is actually a great way to stay active and fit.

It is proven that most people can burn up to two hundred and seventy calories in just half an hour while drumming with their hands and moving their body to the beat. Not many other instruments require you to use your whole body.

drums music skills

Develop Your Confidence

After hours and hours of breaking down certain beats and learning how to play a part well, it takes guts to be able to play that part loud and proud.

Being a drummer allows you to work on being confident in all areas of life. Once you are comfortable playing in front of people, it will feel like anything is possible for you if you work hard enough.

Coordination and Brain Power

Being able to get all four of your limbs to work together – and in rhythm – is no small feat. This alone makes a person develop coordination and a stronger brain, but it also forces you to use your non-dominant hand and even foot.

For most, your non-dominant hand is used very rarely, but this will allow you to become ambidextrous and stronger.

Your brain will also get a work-out, as drumming is shown to significantly increase a person’s IQ. Being able to understand musical notes and rhythm while also staying on beat will allow the brain to be exposed to a very complicated puzzle that will strengthen your brain.

drums music skills

Dealing with Stress

Playing the drums is a great way to relieve stress. Much like getting a sweat on while running or punching a punching bag, playing the drums releases endorphins and can boost a mood even if they are played for short periods of time.

Increase in Academic Performance

Much like sports and other activities can help a person become a more focused student, playing the drums can allow you to be more attentive at school and better at time management for assignments.

Students that play a musical instrument are more likely to achieve higher grades. They’re also more likely to complete assignments on-time and often do better on these assignments than those who don’t play.

Bottom Line

Learning to play a drum kit does a lot more for a person’s skill-set than just adding on their ability to use an instrument.

With careful practice and focus, it can allow you to develop your academic success, ability to cope with stress, coordination, confidence, and so much more.

If you are looking for a way to develop all of these skills and then some, it’s certainly worthwhile to look into taking up the drums!


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