6 Surefire Ways To Save Money On Food On Your Next Trip

6 Surefire Ways To Save Money On Food On Your Next Trip

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on April 15, 2019
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Unlike hotel room prices and airfare can be correctly determined and paid for before departure, it is quite difficult to predict the amount that you will spend on food. You can estimate a certain figure then find out later that the actual cost was twice or even thrice your estimate.

Just because you are on a tight budget does not mean that you cannot enjoy a tasty meal while on your trip. All that is needed is proper planning and discipline. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to save money on food on your trip.

1. Buy food in the supermarket and prepare it in your accommodation

One of the best ways to save money on food is by buying food in the supermarket then prepare it in your hotel if you have the opportunity and time. Nowadays, most hotels have a fully furnished kitchen that allows you to prepare and even store your own food, a lot of world hotels present rooms with a kitchen if you need such.

Buying your own food at the supermarket then preparing it on your own can cut your food cost by up to 40%. In addition to cutting down your food cost, you will also benefit from the fact that you will prepare food the way you like.

If you are not a fan of cooking, then you can always ask for help from hotel staff ( it will cost you something but much cheaper than eating in a restaurant). Buying food and preparing it on your own is convenient, healthier and cheaper.

2. Buy only local food

If you want to get a taste of the local cuisine, then the cheapest thing to do is buying the food directly from the local market or by ordering the food on local cafes. Buying local food is much cheaper than buying foreign products.

If you don’t know how to prepare the local food (which is usually the case with many people), you can order the food from local cafes. Most local cafes sell local foods at a cheaper price. For instance, if you have toured a seaside country, then buying seafood from the local market or local cafes is much cheaper than buying the same food in high-end hotels.

3. Only eat at the restaurants for locals

If you decide to eat in restaurants, then you should choose to eat in establishments for locals that are far away from large, well-established restaurants in the city. Local restaurants usually prepare a very delicious local meal but at a friendly price.

4. Use restaurant reservation software to book a table in advance

You don’t have to walk physically to a restaurant to make reservations. Thanks to advance in technology, you can now make reservations while sitting at the comfort of your own hotel.

EatApp allows you to book a table in your favorite restaurant in advance. The app has partnered with the best restaurants in town that prepare mouthwatering meals but at an affordable price.

When you log in to the app, then you will easily access a curated list of the local dining scene. Price menu is also included, meaning that you will have an opportunity to make table reservations on a restaurant that is convenient and affordable to you.

Also, such an app can help you to know about restaurant marketing strategies, it is useful not only for business owners but for ordinary people, who just want to know more about best marketing strategies for restaurant and filter all the marketing information they hear around.

5. Eat high protein food

Multiple studies conducted by credible institutions have revealed that high protein foods can make feel full for a long period of time. They also alleviate food craving. The less you eat, the less you spend.

While on holiday, ensure that your diet mainly comprises of high protein foods. This way, you will eat rarely and on the process, saving more money

6. Choose All Inclusive system when booking a hotel

Another brilliant way to save money on food while on a trip is by choosing the all-inclusive system when booking a hotel. All inclusive means that the hotel will not only host you but will also cater to your meals.

If the hotel prepares all meal for you, then it means that you won’t need to spend anything on extra food.

In conclusion, as discussed above, saving money on food while on your trip is not difficult as many people think. All that you need is the right strategy, simplicity, and discipline. Use these tips and eat tasty and in a cheap price.


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