7 Useful Tips To Succeed With Online Dating Sites and Apps

7 Useful Tips To Succeed With Online Dating Sites and Apps

By Leo Vine | Contributor on January 25, 2020
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In the past few years, online dating has gone mainstream. It is now a viable option for meeting people for fun, dates, and serious relationships. They save time, are convenient, and can help you get matched with someone you would not ordinarily meet because you do not move in the same circles or even live in the same area or country. You can use the search criteria to find someone of a particular gender, age, location, or with certain interests.

There are a variety of dating sites and apps to choose from ranging from sites that use compatibility matching systems like eHarmony, dating apps for the over-fifties like Lumen, to location-based dating apps like Bumble where only female users can make the first contact with the matched male users. Whatever your preference, there is a dating site and app for you.

So how does a user of these sites and apps use them successfully? People seek happiness and fulfillment, and for many people having an ideal companion or life partner makes like complete. Here are tips that can help people find success as they navigate the world of online dating.

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1. Be Clear on Your Purpose

When you decide to sign up to dating sites and dating apps you need to be clear about your purpose. Do you want to find a long-term healthy relationship, or do you just want to find a date, find someone for fun, or do you just want to explore what is out there without any clear objective? Articulate your reason before signing up because it will help you determine which site or app is right for you.

2. Choose The Right Type of Site or App

There are different types of dating sites and apps available. Some are geared towards fun, intimacy, while some are geared towards finding a fulfilling long-term relationship. There are also sugar daddy dating sites, dating sites, and apps for Christians, as well as sites for married people who are looking to have extra-marital affairs. Well to do men and women even have the option of engaging an escort service. For example, at iescorts, the sexiest Chennai call girls are ready for you. There is mostly something for everyone.

After clarifying their intent and purpose, a user of online dating sites and apps must choose the right type that meets their needs because it increases the chances that they will meet like-minded individuals on the site. The energy and purpose of other users will be the same and this increases the chances of success.

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3. Create a Good Profile

On every dating site or app, you need to create a profile. A profile is a snapshot of who you are which allows other users to decide if you are right for them. A profile created on the site or app should be well done, well thought out, and free of errors. Endeavour to communicate why you are interesting enough for someone to want to be matched with. Write a profile that will grab the attention of the reader within the first few sentences or first forty words.

You should avoid long profiles because users of these apps tend to spend little time reading each profile; if a profile is too long they tend to swipe to the next profile. If applicable, on your profile include words that indicate health and vitality such as sports activities like dancing, running, yoga, tennis, etc as well as intellectual activities. If possible ask a friend or relative to read your profile and give you feedback and make suggestions based on what they know about you.

The photo on your profile should not be misleading. It is best to use recent photos that have not been airbrushed or photoshopped because if you deceive a match and get a date, you may not get a second date. Choose a picture that has you looking into the camera, smiling, looking happy and pleasant. It helps to show that you are confident and friendly.

4. Be Proactive

A dating site or app is not a place where you should let the fear of rejection hold you back. Realize that not everyone you like will want to be matched with you. However, the match or matches that are right for you will want to be matched with you, and even have a date with you. So be willing to put yourself out there and send the first message to other users and potential matches.

Make unique and custom messages to the users that you want to communicate with. These introductory messages will get you noticed and increase the chance of getting a positive response and dates. Keep the introductory message short, simple, but unique to the individual. Avoid saying anything heavy or intense; just keep it light and cheerful.

5. Keep Your Options Open

On these sites and apps, keep your options open by communicating with several people at a time if you can. There is absolutely no need to limit your interactions to one person per time. Be also open to exchanging a number of messages on the site or app before you meet in person.

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6. Stay Safe

When you do get matched and you choose to meet in person, take all necessary safety precautions. Do not be desperate and avoid suspicious-looking situations.

There are a number of fraudsters and scammers online. Avoid extended messaging and online communications that go on for weeks or months on end, and results in someone asking you to wire huge sums of money to them. If you stick to reputable online dating sites and apps you can avoid falling into these traps.

Reputable sites tend to charge a subscription fee. It is also helpful to read about the site or app before you join and read the reviews. Most importantly, stay vigilant and be willing to walk away from any situation that sounds or looks suspicious.

7. Be Timely

With smartphones, you can access your profile from anywhere and it means you do not have to get home before you respond to messages. You should respond as soon as you can and view as many profiles as you can to find your ideal match.


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